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I recently came across a interesting website  ,basically I used to think websites are basically two types ,the plain type and pretty  websites

with insane graphics , So I was browsing this site  ,I got this great insight  from this guy  Ben Hunt whose expertise in webdesign ,has a huge fan base like Eli the Computer guy

Except for the fact the hes not a You-tuber ,has this beautiful ,professional ,business class looking as  well as functional websites I have seen so far.

So the first article I read really gave me quite bit insight how websites design function as a Marketing tool. Really ,truly there were so many awesome intricate details that

really sell the content on the website. So he rated these websites mostly unless they are too unique and awesome by two simple conditions


1. Who its for ,and What it does

Take as the example here, you read the name  ,take any average user  say Rahul  ,a friend of mine I tell him about the site ,he would  hear the name

Geekbraindump , “Nice name ,its for geeks,right?”

Geekbraindump passes the test of who its for , because of its awsome domain name

What is does???: 

if I open the site ,I would go like ,cool some kind of blogging site,thats it right ??.I expect to find great content?

I have been watching Eli the Computer Guy, he said Senior writers  will get free review items ,Now I think that Idea is awesome!!!, but if I didn’t tell my friend Rahul that he would have never known,hence  the website would score negative ratings

Since the website fails in this aspect ,

because people are not really aware of the fact this is the purpose of site

second reason I gather : This site is meant for ” nubes” to prove themselves  , but if my friend opens the site expecting to see great reader content , see’s a nubes post ,doesn’t

doesn’t  get the idea  instead of saying :”Yeah let me show these nubes how its done” ,he would be like “This is all this dumb site has to offer”

The design of this site fails to show what exactly it does!!

2.Keeping the Viewer Interested: 

What makes the viewer stay on your site  ,rather than moving over to other options, say I am a Eli the Computer guy fan  user  ,I say “let me see what are the most popular posts”

the I see   the article  “The GeekBraindump theory of lacking posts”,and say “Damn this site is not doing good,too bad ”  and move to some other site

So this is how that guy Ben Hunt was assessing the website ,really awesome blogging site he owns be sure to check it out


Just to make it clear this is not a rant or anything ,just  sharing a cool perspective where webdesign plays a vital role in Marketing  your content ,not just to look pretty

it is responsible for selling your content,

When I saw ,It really did look professional ,easy to use .

he shared or selling his Word Press theme I guess ,Here’s the link

for everyone who say “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover” ,but I would say

” If  the cover is really bad,you would have pages coming out and it would be a pain in the ass to read  and most importantly to sell LOL”


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  1. Warren Galloway October 27, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    Ebey, First, nice article, nice web links, once I discovered what you meant. Nice reference website: . Very nice podcast, granted I have clients speak down to me after I have explained WHY they DO NOT need a website.

    “Oh, you can’t do the job?” My reply “I just do not feel right taking your money. You’re wasting it.” And their reply “Okay. Thanks, bye.” Then months later calling me to fix it. Which I gladly do and *sigh inside as they tell me how much the previous person charged this for the mess sitting in front of me.

    I was strickly HTML programing with some javascript. Most of my clients were small, under $15,000. I NEVER gave meta tag guarantees, but I’d always get the on the front page of google and yahoo. I no longer make the gurantee as some people skim and lead in with similar keywords and such.

    Google claims they not longer use it, I’m confused, ALL of my sites are cataloged. Example… Google: blunt movie

    That was NOT in google search until mid last year when I took on the clients and re-built his one page website into a better more diverse website. The original website ( had one page with a Order Now. I added better in content, made two digital versions for instant download; the look of the site is crap. It was a demo and he wanted it as it, so I did not argue.

    A pretty site is nice, but if it has no content, there is not much there to stay on their for. Whether it be articles to read, video to watch or podcast or music to listen to.

    Now eBey, I wanted to correct you:

    1. You DID mean: ? Correct? And not ?

    2. is very neat, but that is more for people who do not have coding skills. It is VERY nice. I bought something similar for my domains and used it only 4 times before realizing I wasted $40 trying to save time. And it was a subscription service to keep, if I wanted to keep it updated. So, I just do basic coding to get what I want. A few plugins and I’m good. But it is nice, I will state that.

    3. Also, can you download EverNote, the desktop program? Or at least type your article on NotePad or a simple text editor? I almost quit reading your article, but had to search down the URL you had posted as it did not work. I use both EverNote and NotePad to type up and layout my articles so I can easily copy and paste it with no issues.

    You have loads of typing issues in there, broken sentences, broken paragraphs and bold words for what?

    Proofread your stuff. I’m not perfect, but I used to try to be. Geek Brain Dump works for what it is. I have been a shadow here as I FINALLY got around to migrating a site that was hacked (joomla CMS). It is now WordPress CMS. Things are going pretty well, granted it was down from Nov 2013 to last month, Sept 2014. The views (time spent on the site) and visits are slowly increasing. Big smiles. No revenue to speak of, but I know I missed that boat in 2008.

    Though now I CAN tell who is human and who is not, and where visitors are and what people view, not just by numbers.

    I do not mean to offend by suggesting that you should proof-read just a little, BEFORE hitting publish, PREVIEW CHANGES. I make it sound easy, as your posts are straight forward and it should be simple. My posts, unlike this usually have a bit of media. Not sure why or what if the media messed up my layouts. Sometimes a post, though completed, takes about 10 to 20 minutes to format to a likable layout before I am satisfied and complete.

    Again, that’s neat stuffs on web design. Sadly, they talked on the things I somewhat feared since 2009 or so. Thanks.


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