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As a user of The Palm Treo 600 since 2003 (to 2012), I’VE ALWAYS wanted a ‘Second Screen Companion to it, but never thought about it being a watch. My thoughts have ALWAYS been with a medallion or a wristband. Or just a pop off screen (that connected to my shirt), just bigger than a silver dollar. 2008, I was working on such a device, but it originally was a weight loss bracelet more than an extension of my phone.

Point being, I still want two separate devices for ‘work’ and ‘play’. Now in 2014, seeing the Apple Watch, it is almost what I wanted to use The new iPod nano 6th generation (which is has all but disappeared from the internet) in 2010. But alas, you could not flash it to load on your own programming.

Samsung Gear was a nice ‘run for the money’. Pffft. I am a user and to many, ‘power user’, whatever that means.

My cellphone is (was) used for:

1. Phone calls – in and out.
2. Text messaging.
3. Communicating Images.
4. Typing notes and searching with quick easy access (Contacts)
5. Copying and pasting code (into PalmDesktop and syncing into Contacts)
6. Infrared Remote.
7. PalmDesktop was God vs MS Outlook.

Sadly, syncing (backing up) was cut off AFTER Windows XP.

Now moving over to the ‘Palm Second Screen Companion’, vs What Smart Watches Are Now and To Be…

1. I want it to be SEPARATE from my phone. Standalone. They can detect each other, but the watch will only display ‘messages’, phone, text, alert visually with a custom vibration. Zz for a Call. ZZzz for a Text Message ZZZZZZZZ for Alarms and Reminders.

2. Each device will have it’s own Simcard with your account info on it. This comes into play from when I asked “Is there a cellphone that can have TWO SEPARATE phone numbers with DUAL SimCards at the same time?”. This was 2004. So, only a little thoughtwith limited knowledge of current tech was implemented.

Here is the 4 years away, now past Dual SimCard Watch Phone (sounds barbaric, right?)

That was just awful implementation for daily use, let alone hourly use.

3. I will have to state, I was more of a geek back then. Yes, I had been using Kurzweil Voice for Windows 95 since 1995. But my brain did not connect any of that for ‘voice commands’ on a mobile device. I wanted to make brief short noises to access my ‘Second Screen Companion’. Custom sounds, such as:

Kissing: To Open Contacts.

Drrrrr: To Call Back.

TinkTinkTink: To Open a Customized Contact for Note Taking (As I never used the official note app).

BoomClick: To Lock my phone immediately.

All of these actions pre-programmed by myself (or users of the ‘Second Screen Companion’).

Why sounds/noises? As there were many default applications I did not use. Sure many could be deleted even grouped, but cleaning the home screen and just using ‘sounds’ would work for me.

4. A Onboard Flashlight, actually and Infrared Laser Pointer with 50 ft clarity reach.

5. The most important as all of the other features, A 72 hour battery when using it at full capacity. Such as 5 hours of phone calls, 2 hours of note input via onscreen keyboard (that includes text messaging no photos) and infrared laser pointer use of an hour per 3 days.

6. 2004, again, I was not bright enough to think ‘gyrometer’ (aka Accelerometer), outside of pedometer for running and biking. Being a biker and jogging once in a so-so, I like to measure that and hence why I wanted the ‘Second Screen Companion’ to be separate and need to ‘attached’ to my phone for no reason.

7. Video Chat on my wrist or I can snap it off and place it on my desk or wall and keep talking. I’ll stop there.

8. A eBusiness Card of some function would be built in for users who meet people a lot.  Handy for conventions or meeting with other business people who also have such tech.

Those are the features I wanted back in 2004/2005. Such huge demands and desires from Palm. I do hope Apple Watch brings most of those things. Steve Jobs is not there, not to deny or disrespect current Apple, we can only wait and see.

Do I want an Apple Watch, yes. But I will have to wait and see how the first gen of it lasts. The battery life of one charge has not been released. Judgment?

If Apple Watch battery life is less than 48 hours per FULL charge with normal ‘telling time’, not listening to music or bluetooth anything, I will pass for now. I want a watch, yes, basics. All the other features are nice, but needing an iPhone for them to work makes somewhat, no sense, unless away from WiFi.

Those are two MAIN issues I have with it, once the smoke cleared. I am impressed Apple has embraced the fitness world with many of the features.

The Cardiio is AWESOME

Perfect, though I dislike getting sweat on my iPhone5s that was gifted to me. Oh well, which is why interchangeable wrist bands are a must and the Apple Watch be waterproof or water-resistant for heavy sweaters like myself.

As more companies enter the ‘smart watch innovator zone’, not sure who will win as we all will have our own devices that work for us int heir own unique ways.

IF Palm announced a New PalmTreo 600 2015 and PalmDesktop 2015 it worked with all current operating systems, I’d be in Palm’s corner. Just being honest. Bells and whistles to get my attention, but effectiveness and usability are what keep me using and telling others.


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