The Day is darkest (#micostopped)before dawn #microstarted

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(#microstopped -to know what it is check out Eli the Computer Guys Video:

What is #Microstopped and How it May Destroy My YouTube Channel


#micostarted has its weird twist and conclusions and turnings .Start with this subject ,I noticed on frugal tech saying the strike has stopped . My view is the after effects of this strike

which affected many tech You tubers and had their videos taken down and severely crippled the functionality of the accounts of these Tech Creators.

Probably every one has this opinion Oh no   All mighty  Microsoft has kicked the Tech Creators in the balls,possibly this is true , but it was true until #microstarted

Smart You-tubers in response to this have taken the emotional stance and the catchy phrase “#mirostopped”  has caused discussion in sites like

I checked out this You tuber  called Frugal Tech

The videos name is

Windows 8 Is Failing and It’s Your Fault!

Its a frugal tech video which has 18 views and 0 likes  if searched and played on youtube

if searched on Google it has 316 likes and  26,650 views as  of now

probably all the windows 8 videos according to this would reset to default,if it does other than affect the you tubers paycheck ,though it sounds scary to youtubers

#microstopped  has attracted allot of viewers to Channels they haven’t heard about ,for example I never in my life heard about Frugal tech before in my life ,probably if it is any good

watch it too lol

Unfortunately for Microsoft being heartless villain in this story,as pity party goes on days together on the Youtube World

The #microstopped videos of Youtube creators going viral ,not only does it contain tech,conspiracy of tech giants,plot ,and emotional content make this videos must watch for all geeks

thus my opinion would be the money they make of these videos and the free advertisement the Youtubers got from other Youtubers and new followers

Probably and more events that as happened  or that will as a result  leave Tech You tubers better than they were before this Copyright strike but I emphasis probably from the looks

of it,but again probably  can’t be said the same for Microsoft ,points being

  1. Tech You tubers would avoid any new Microsoft product on Youtube ,since so I heard 3 STRIKES your out ,meaning Microsoft lost free advertisement
  2.  Negative advertisement for Microsoft goes without saying.
  3. Allot of People who used to hate Microsoft and have reason to further their cause and increase in numbers due to this emotional reason

You might say so what ,Microsoft is too big to fail ,but I would say people so far had tech reasons to whine and bitch about Microsoft

but things change when there is emotional reasons, as I see from now there are two moves from tech Youtuber

  1. Forgive and Forget
  2. Continue the pity party

Either ways  is completely understandable  ,Personally  the second move has a lot more fireworks involved if you get my drift

Very curious to see what happens …or will this whole thing just fade!!


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