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Machine Learning | Rimas

I had a bit of free time this weekend, instead of wasting my time doing something pointless like creating a google chrome app under a minute I decided to start learning more about machine learning, but hold on that class is not in my schedule my Universtiy won’t allow me to take until I take prerequisite classes, good thing we have the internet. I found this class being offered over at cursera Machine Learning with only 5-7 hours required a week, how amazing is that? I got into the class and after completing the first module, I got a surge of insperation to start creating something that I can start applying machine learing algorithms to Rimas was born.

What is Rimas?

It’s an open source program that will be used as a side project for implementing and learning about machine learning. The idea is really simple take a large complex data set and make meaning of it, I am planning to write or let the machine write itself more than 500 attributes that will help create a single song recommendation, and make machine learning applicable in a real world application. The instructor really hammers this home in the first module by the way. Rimas will be simple, since I don’t personally want to be liable for hosting and maintaining music files, I am just simply going to allow users to BYOD(Bring your own data) into the application via dropbox, google drive, amazon drive, iCould, or your own private server. Not only will this get passed that problem it will provide all sorts of data that my program can use, but we all know that I don’t work for free specially if I will be writing extensive amounts of code. If you like this idea I would encourge you to contribute to it Contributions by placing a preorder for a beta version, I am accepting all types of contributation so contribute right away.

What have you built so far?

I just started to take the class this weekend, so I only have a couple things completed

  • Landing page completed
  • Mailing list completed
  • Rails project setup completed
  • AngularJS project setup completed
  • Prototype of actual application roughly completed
  • Started to create database design

In the following weeks to come, I am planning to expand create milestones of the life cycle of the project and think about what kind of strategies I will be using to do database mining, natural language processing of social streams, supervised learning for controlling the appearance of the actual application, and lastly the most important part of this creating an algorithm that will recommend the best songs for you.


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