Tech History – October 2006

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October – YouTube with its 60 employees, is finding it hard to keep up bandwith demand. The popular video website now serves 100 million videos a day. Word has it that Google is interested in buying the website. An analyst says – “they don’t have the necessary staff to be able to move ahead here, especially with the   threat of a lawsuit looming over them. They need to find ways to rapidly generate more advertising revenue, which Google is going to be terrific at.” Yes, the company has drawn threats of lawsuits from TV studios and music labels for not adequately blocking copyrighted works. No more launching new services rapidly. Google says it has begun telling its engineers to stop launching so many new services and instead focus on making existing ones work together better – a shift of strategy for the 8-year-old company. The company believes that its myriad product releases were confusing their users.

Sirius Satellite Radio ads more subscribers than rival XM during the third quarter – reaching 5.1 million subs….

Google agrees to pay $1.65 billion for YouTube…. Google says its third quarter profit nearly doubled (92)%). Its search query volume grew twice as fast as Yahoo last month…. Nielsen Media Research says it will launch GamePlay Metrics – designed to give the video game industry a precise system of electronic measurements to standardize the burgeoning market for the buying and selling of ads in its products…. Ebay Inc reports that third-quarter profit increased 10% from the same period last year…

Apple says earnings rose 27% mostly on iPod and sales of Macintosh computers, and the shift this year to use chips made by Intel….. Yahoo sees its net income drop 38% from a year ago….

Yahoo begins showing news clips supplied by 16 CBS televisions providing the Internet’s most trafficked website with another online video magnet…

CNN says it willincorporate bloggers into its coverage of next week’s midterm elections by inviting them to an “E-lection Nite Blog Party”…


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