Tech History – September/October 2003

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Napster is Back

iTunes For Windows Is Here!

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September Apple Corps. – The Beatles’ company has sued Apple computer again – because the company is more involved with music – something they’re not really supposed to do after they were sued back in the 1980’s. But guess what? Apple now has iTunes – which has been so successful – it’s sold 10 million downloads – and that’s just to Mac users. It wants to roll out a PC version too – but this lawsuit could stop all that…

Online pop-up ads do not violate trademark laws even if they cover up or appear alongside unaffiliated Web sites, including those of rivals, a federal judge rules…..

AOL Time Warner is no more – as of this week – AOL is dumped – and now it’s just plain Time Warner…


tech history napster 2003

 October Napster is back – but it is now a legal site where you’ll have to pay for downloads. ….

Apple unveils a version of its iTunes music store for competing Windows! Since debuting in April, the service has sold 13 million songs – just for Apple users…

RealNetworks now claims they are the king of online music services with 250,000 paying subscribers…


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