Problem Steps Recorder: Tech Support’s Greatest Buddy

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“What were you trying to do exactly?” is probably one of those things we want to say to whoever is behind that phone call but they said it again and again “there’s this thing and I clicked, Ok and then… “. This doesn’t help, and rebooting his PC didn’t work. Too bad.

Well, Great thing there’s Problem Steps Recorder ( We will affectionately call it as PSR ). Available for Windows 7 to 8.1! Just open Run and type “psr.exe”.


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PSR in Windows 8.1. This thing is fantastic!

So, there are 4 buttons when you open up PSR and 2 of them are disabled. There’s no room for error now! 50/50 chance. It has a pretty obvious Red button that even has Start Record next to it.


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Example of a PSR report


So you press “Start Record” and let your user do everything he’s trying to do. Stop Record will then be enabled, and when he’s done recording the steps that he’s encountering the problem with, just hit that button.

What this does is monitor everything your user is doing, every steps, every click, every processes running, every services in the background. It will take everything and make an HTML report that is formatted neatly and PUT EVERYTHING IN A ZIP FILE. This program is very easy to understand I can confidently say I get almost bi-monthly E-mails from my Mom with a PSR report attached on it.

Its great if you try and teach a whole department how to use this program. Instead of going upstairs to fix the computer, or booting up the VNC and try to figure out what they are doing wrong, teach them PSR. It’ll make your life easy and the company more productive.


Possible side-effects include 5 daily E-mails from Ryan in the Accounting Department, your boss telling you that you’re not doing enough because he hasn’t seen you fix any computer in the upper floors, and not seeing that beautiful intern the HR just hired.


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