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This is an article on helping writers of posts and future articles here on  Lately the submissions have slumped, why?  We do not know.  But we do know many of us love to talk and write and some of us do not proofread our work before submitting.  I, myself am very guilty of doing so at times.

So, with this, I do hope it helps upgrade the quality of our submissions.

1. Topic
Is your topic interesting, do you have experience in talking about the topic, whether it be a product, service, person, place or etc?  You need to have knowledge to spread knowledge.  Talking and talking about something you have no idea makes people not want to look at you or listen to you and leave.  If you’ve written something, what do you think will happen?  You’ll be avoided, that is what.  Choose wisely the topic you want to share and post about.

2. Grammar and Etiquette
Do not confuse these two with spelling.  These have to do with the use of words in their correct text format, a good example is using: there, their and they’re.  Stop being in a rush to post and type out your post article in a notepad, wordpad or whatever word processor you use, any will do.  Then after you have completed writing it, read it over.  Read it aloud and realize your common errors in the use of a word that means something else.  If English is your second language, it is forgivable, but if it is your first language as it is mine, no, no excuses.

Proof read, proof read, PROOF READ.  You want people to actually read your articles, right?  Then put time and effort and just a little love into it.  You’re giving knowledge, but if it is broken up so bad, not many can follow what you are saying, then your message is lost and another person will not read your work and that person could possibly complain to another person.  Then they too may glance at your work and think the same thing and now two people are not reading your work and they may spread the word about you.

Grammar and Etiquette also using the correct terms for the topic.  Example: if you are talking about SEO, and you said “The robots and spiders will query your website to make it searchable by web search engines. ”  You would need to clearly state what a ‘robot’ and a ‘spider’ is when pertaining to SEO or Search Engine Optimization.  See what I did right there?  Not many people know what SEO means.  Acronyms should always be defined.  Read your work like you do not know what it is about or have a friend read it.  Trust me, they will point out things we all overlook.  Try it.

3. Spelling
This is a huge no-no on specific topics, but seriously, all topics.  PROOF READ, proof read, proof read!  This sounds repetitive, but you only get one chance for a first impression.  Though in writing, when you improve your skills, you get recognized.  Recognized especially when a reader comes back to your new improved work and notices it and then tells others to check your work out.  I try to keep things simple.  I have frienemies, people whom I like, but they do not like me as much.  But we are friends and can trust each other.  I love handing stuff off to them, as friends miss a LOT of my mistakes.  Frienemies, they find all mistakes, maybe miss one or so, but usually all and usually get back to me within 24 hours, not a week.

Not saying all frienemies are the same, but mine are useful, more than a friend at times as they love to point out the ‘wrong’ doings and even grammar.

Suggestions, after you’ve  written your article; save it and go do something else.  Then 15+ minutes later, come back and read your article.  That small amount of time helps clear your mind of the article as some of us see what we think we see.  [raises hand] Guilty here myself.  I too am getting better.

4. Research and Facts
If you have to include links or references, make sure they are facts and not rumors or some hogwash someone posted on a gossip site.  Look and research your information before posting it.  Verify that the links work and are not outdated.  It takes a bit at times, but it is well worth the time.

That all I have for writers on the web or any where.  I did not use the term ‘word economic’, but it does help.


Warren Galloway

Warren Galloway is a currently a freelance multimedia web designer. Is that even a title any more? Digital Media Specialist - You Want it Digitally, I can do it. "Eli for President, we should be happy, but also very afraid."

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