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GeekBrainDump, a site where technical personals, also know as  ‘geeks’, share personal lessons in the real-world. However, it seems the creator of this site, known as Eli The Computer Guy™ as well as Eli Etherton, is disappointed in lacking of fresh posts on the site. So I put together an anonymous team to research why the site has “died” after it’s exponentially growing start.


When the team had started researching, they already had gained severe knowledge that the quality of the latest posts were almost a joking matter compared to the posts made a few months ago. It also seems they are getting worse weekly. The team could not take in what they were seeing seriously. The lacking of the information is disturbing enough to draw viewers to another site. This should throw a red flag to the site administrators, and they need to figure what may be causing this situation.


Besides the posts, the only next logical reason are the Authors. As a member of the research team pointed out, most of the authors are “13 year-old n00b hackers”. This is not completely true, but a large percentile of the site is interested in hacking and they may classify themselves as hackers just because they can trick someone in giving a password out or something anyone can do with little to no knowledge of technology. Why am I pointing this out in our theory? I am pointing this out because as a business owner, when I visit the site and see the first post is childishly written and the author affiliates themselves as a ‘black-hat’, I would not even bother reading other posts. And if I don’t bother reading posts, why should people be writing them? GeekBrainDump’s purpose is for business reputation for its authors offering a free service of informational teaching. A site that a geek would be proud to be on and trustworthy to be mentioned on a resumé. However, since the change of posts not needing admin review, the site has been almost considerably spammed of awful quality posts by random topics that people can give another shoe for.


Down to the point, paid authors may help with higher quality of posts, but it is not enough. Non-paid authors should have their posts reviewed before publishing. This is the only next logical solution in this late in the game.

“Eli The Computer Guy” is a registered trademark of Etherton, Eli J.


Katy Pillman

Katy Pillman is the Lead Programmer for Tactician Studios LLC. She is young, but experienced in the technical field, and writes in her free-time. △ ◎ × □

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  1. christopher Mckinstry September 21, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Eli’s response Will be interesting…

    • Eli the Computer Guy September 23, 2014 at 7:10 am

      Ironically the “13 year-old n00b hackers” are not the ones pissing me off…

      The site was always meant to be a place for folks without another outlet to prove themselves to be able to try to make their mark. I never meant for the site to be a glowing work of english writing examples. My viewer base is young, many of them speak english as a second language, and frankly no one has ever given many them an opportunity to do anything in the field. The goal was to give them a platform, and that’s it… I’m pretty sure that’s how I always sold the concept…

      I have been modifying the system to keep GBD going indefinitely, and plan to keep it up and running.

      • Katy Pillman September 23, 2014 at 8:24 am

        It is nice you’re doing this for them than. I perceived it differently from the starting point from your mood on it from your daily blob.
        For the english concerns, it may be helpful if it is at least understandable, even if google translated.

      • dominic1995 October 21, 2014 at 8:37 am

        Its pretty cool. Im glad you decided to make this site and your youtube videos

  2. Orna September 21, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Very good insight Katy

    • Katy Pillman September 23, 2014 at 1:49 am

      Thanks Orna,
      I hoped you enjoy reading this, and hope to see you stay active on this amazing site!

  3. Jojo September 21, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    It is very interesting that you say this, but you should consider that there are different types of `geek`s`and regardless of the content posted they will still learn or gain knowledge about that particular subject. Just because `noobs` are posting doesn`t mean people are put of…

    • Katy Pillman September 23, 2014 at 1:47 am

      I am sorry if it came off that way. Maybe reading the posts yourself you may come to the same conclusions as my team did. And most likely you will stop after 3 seeing how ridiculous they really are.

  4. Martin September 23, 2014 at 10:48 am

    If its of any worth, I stopped reading this site when the theme changed. I only just remembered this site existed while going through my unused bookmarks.

    Geekbraindump could have been so much more than the sub-par content platform its become, even having paid authors doesnt change the fact this outlet has little value, given the competition.. Theres a million amateur blogs on the internet giving just as generic content as GBD and this there is little of value here.

    With Eli’s fanbase on youtube, this place could have been rocking if it was promoted from the outset as a community for n00b IT and programmers working together to get ahead before anything else, rather tyhan an outlet for people to write post son their own and then be expected to clumsily find each other to comment.

    I use the word clumsy as the organisation of the various communication methods on here are laughable in their complexity, chat, comments and forums all punctuating the conversation, the forum is all the site needs and its what it shouldve been billed as from day one. A forum for young people to share learning and business resources, with the emphasis put on start-up ideas and cooperation. With free marketing worth countless thousands of dollars through youtube, Eli could really have created a dynamic community that would reach far beyond his audience on there and would have gone a lot further to meeting his desire to give those without an outlet a voice.

    How many people on the youtube videos comments complained about a lack of a start up community in their area? How many complained about a lack of learning resources in their areas? Lots of people who need help there that a centralised space online could cover. I’m sure those spaces exist online but GBD could have been pushed as being more inclusive and open, with no expectations given on prior knowledge before getting involved, just a willingness to develop good ideas and communicate.

    How many people have ever come to Eli on a daily blob asking ‘where can I find a great place to post blog posts?’? Has there even been one person asking?

    The blogging side of things would still be of use, with forum integration they would act as a platform to pitch ideas or to ask longer, complicated questions but the focus would always be on the cooperation side of the page. Thats what Eli could do to truly help his inexperienced fan base, not have them read or write 5 paragraphs about a smartphone but to have his audience interact with each other, for everyones gain.

    That is what I had hoped GBD would develop into but it isn’t looking that way, its become a review and news site, of which there’s millions online, each of them devaluing the other.

  5. Warren Galloway September 23, 2014 at 10:50 am

    Theory of Lacking Posts – As I’ve written to Eli about myself, just to update… I’m not too social, but I do talk a lot. I’ve been watching his networking videos as they are truly awesome, better than books and tutorials and ANY other data out there. But, because I’m leaving networking behind, as it was never my official job, granted previous jobs hired me as their web designer, but also put me in charge of the server itself. Nope, I was not paid. Eli made understanding things I ‘figured’ out easier.

    Low and behold, other networking friends know of him and watched a few videos. Awesomeness, but.. No on to current trend.

    I just started watching Eli’s LIVE shows a couple of months ago and to be honest, I LOVED it, more than I admit. I will state, asking questions live was nice, but after reading some of the comments and such, I stopped logging into YouTube just for that reason as I no longer needed, okay, I still need to ask my question about a HDD that is not getting enough power, how do you get the data off of it? How do you get the data off of it, BESIDES paying $3000 for a clean room data pull?

    Now with that said, Eli started blocking people. [thumbs up], but at the same time, I just do not understand trolls any more. Why?

    What Eli is doing is a SERVICE many should respect, if they do not.

    Once Eli went to the pre-recorded topic views, I became confuse. It was no longer “CHECK ELI’S CHANNEL EVER DAY (except weekends) TO SEE IF HE HAS SOMETHING NEW!” it was, check, check, I’ll be back on Friday, possibly. Okay, I was bummed.

    I totally understand his decisions to do so, but it still bummed me out. Is it sad to say that he was enjoyed just as much as my Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead series?

    Moving on, I noticed some friends and non-friends would comment “He talks like you, talking about one thing and goes on a tangent about another. I just want one topic, not the world news.” as they put it.

    I watch ALL of his videos, why, because the ‘tangents’ are juicy slices of “Did You Know?” clips and many I DIDN’T know. Not too important to many, but important for me.

    My posts have lingered as I have other things to do and I don’t have many products/app/programs to review. I am also selective on what I review. I do not want to review something I am not interested in. But now, my MacBook is ‘busted’.

    I have not upgraded to iOS8 just yet, maybe Friday, but not even sure.

    GBD is Great, but I will state… I’ve read only a few reviews by others and many are, in my thoughts as ‘blah’. There are MANY types of geeks…

    Electronics, gadgets, math, world news, problem solvers, creators and many many more. But I see more ‘news’, I read on other websites. I do not have anything against it, but reality, if I read that three days ago, why would I read a revised version of it here.

    But, with that, if it were a lively discussion, I’d be all for it.


    Baxter the Robot: What does it mean for human workers it can and will replace?

    I’d LOVE to talk about it, especially now that my friends are aware, but we are still trading links on Tesla and their tech. Not sure if we (a friend) are going to travel to Longwood, FL to drive one. But a conversation about this would be great.

    I have not used ANY of the social aspects of GBD until now. I have a bad habit of starting conversations and walking away to come back to a holy mess or a great conversation. Usually a holy mess I have to clean up. :/

    I guess Eli should ask reviewers questions of the week?

    Such as, What’s the best place to get a Battery for a [insert device and a AA, AAA, but specialized battery requirement] and why? Submit a review.

    This should be a physical store or a real legitimate website used by the reviewer. This list could go on and on.

    As for ‘high quality posts’, I heard Eli mention them, not sure if I have read one or a paid one. Link me a title.

    I can write and love to talk and the reviews I submitted were actually reviews I had written and used to post on Facebook as so many people (under 200) always ask me questions so much to the point many thought I worked for Apple. Nope, I was not hired, I just love apps. iOS is my substitute for PalmOS, honest. I love PalmDesktop and miss it a lot – currently using Win 7 Pro 64Bit.

    It’ll run, but crash, no syncing my PalmTreo 600. Sure, people laugh, but my phone is efficient to me and that is all that matters. But many go “Ohhh…” When I pull out my iPod 4th Gen. I’m good. My tech is old, but more efficient than most who do not know how to use their current gen tech.

    I hope we have more tech posts as that is what I like to read about – robots, circuit boards, OSes, homebrew, Flash applications, PDF Creation, Video Editing and tech, computers, and so much other tech.

    I hope and wish we get more posts like that. I’ll most than likely now be on here more now that things are some what resolved ‘at ends’ and being at home more.

    Katy, your article was hmmm… I can’t clarify, but ‘made me feel negative’. Don’t worry, I’ll be rounding up some hopefuls as most of my people’s are working on their own projects and such. I do not want to flood with place with indie gamers or YouTubers who want a spotlight, so I am very careful as this is one of my sacred spots and ‘You can’t just let everyone in, I like you, but not here buddy.’

    Geek Brain Dump to The Cerebrum!!!

  6. Jacob Williams September 24, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    99.99% of Reddit is utter junk. And yet, Reddit is worth a lot of money. As long as GBD makes money, it’s heading in the right direction. All you commenters complaining that GBD isn’t how “you” want it, can go back and watch some more ETCG videos. It’s obvious you weren’t listening in several of them.

    If this site profits just 3K a month, with minimal to no work for Eli, it’s a success. Even if we’re all just talking about Star Wars.

    Remember, this is Geek Brain “Dump”. Pile it high friends.

  7. ebey September 29, 2014 at 12:19 pm

    The problem is when a post is flooded with negative comments ,its is identified as Popular by the website , if this small bug is fixed
    geekbraindump would continue to grow at a rapid rate

  8. ebey September 29, 2014 at 12:21 pm

    since Popular comes across to anyone as Good or best posts….

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