Why do developer love reading books?

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I want to ask you that how much you all read books or how many of you like to read a technical book?

May be some couple guys only like reading a book as a reference of their work or project. But I really want to tell to something important about some good developers.

“It is a fact of matter that good developers always read books.”

I see that skilled developer have library of books. But some developers just fond of having a collection of books. It mean that every person who has a stack of books in their room is not good developer. Some developer just collect books and don’t actually read them.

So now this question is arising in my mind, why do serious developers read so many books?

I think there are so many reasons behind that so what I am going to do is the sharing that points which is suitable.

Never Stop Learning

“A good developer always know that there is always something new to learn”

It doesn’t matter how much skill we have or how many experience we have, there is always something new to learn. Sometime we learn from our fellow that we didn’t know and we can always improve. But we can’t neglect this things also if we stop learning we stop growing and this is truth that if we not growing in software industry, we are shrinking.

In this big industry that is growing fast it is impossible to know everything. Sometime I thought how cool it were for developer’s who worked in 90’s era, they know everything at that time because of the less information produced but present days amount of technology, frameworks, programming language  ,developer tools are growing so fast that we can’t even hope to keep up a steady pace. We just have to keep from drowning.

Great Developer wants to do things in right way

A great developer always look for the other views in how something should be done, ever in search for the elusive “right way”. How to design the database, how to write efficient code, how to build a good software.

Books contain these answers and great developer’s turns to others for help.

A Great developer knows from experience that the first way we think to do something is not likely to be the best way, so he/she is interested in seeing what someone else has to say on the subject.


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