You down with BYOD?

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Looks like the government is even getting involved in the BYOD debate. According to this link,, California has just passed a law that requires corporations to reimburse employees for the business use of their phones. This is good news for employees forced to pay for their own device and calling plan while fielding business calls from their coworkers day and night.
Of course this will complicate an issue that I think has been overblown over the years. If a company just allows an employee to get what ever phone they want and then provide them with the business applications necessary to do their jobs and also a set reimbursement amount a month towards the cost of the calling and data plan most employees will be satisfied. There may be an occasional need for an employee to lobby for extra funds to cover overages incurred in the line of supporting the company but it should still be less expensive than employing an entire department to handle the purchase and plan administration for the whole company.
The only area that gets sticky is data security and leak protection which can be protected with encryption, strong password policy and security applications to ensure company email and data is protected and not being sent out or downloaded against policy. I think the policy of total control over computing devices such as cell phones is a bit outdated. It used to be that companies would just lock down the phones so no applications can run but as the article above states workers are now using external tools to help them do their job better. Isn’t it high time corporations embrace the technologies available to the world and just figure out how to safe guard the use of them for their employees for their own data and compliance needs?


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