Time Estimation On Tech Projects

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Estimation of time and resources that it will take to complete tasks is an important part of the IT Project Management process.

If you do not estimate time correctly then projects can go over budget and not meet deadlines.

Project Time Estimation Techniques That Should Be Used

Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure(commonly called WBS) is where all of the project tasks are illustrated with their relationships to each other.

Project Resource Breakdown

This is a list of all resources needed to complete the tasks involved in the project.
This can include:

  • People
  • Equipment
  • Money

This will help you identify what is needed for the project to succeed on time and also allow you to schedule the work oackages around when resources are available.

Project Schedule

The project schedule is just as it sounds, it is the practice of scheduling of of the work tasks in the correct order taking into account task dependancies.

Now with these techniques you still need to use your best judgement, if the project is small like building a computer than you will only need a very basic estimation technique. If it is a large project like upgrading servers in multiple locations that support 1000s of seats then you need very in depth estimations.


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