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It seems that Google X is taking a few tips from the people over at Amazon. Not too long ago Amazon announced to the public about their revolutionary delivery system called “Amazon Prime Air,” and now Google x has released a video showing their prototype to deliver the same concept, it’s called “Project Wing.”

Google x has been working on this project for two years and has been successful keeping it a secret from most of the public until they finally decided to announce it. The delivery system will be using drones to deliver items purchased on the internet. The delivery system will use self-flying vehicles, such as drones, and they recently travelled to Queensland, Australia to do some test runs of their system. They said that they successfully delivered items such as water, dog treats, candy bars, and first aid kits to some Australian farmers. Google X says that they are just getting started in figuring out all the details and how to make sure the delivery system is safe, but they think Project Wing has some serious potential to be the next new delivery system.

Google X is stating that the reasoning behind their unique delivery system was mainly for helping people in emergency situations. Disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, and earthquakes seem to be happening more frequently. They think that this would be a quicker way to deliver medical supplies and food and water supplies to people and cities being struck by these terrible events. This system would also come in handy for disasters in more isolated areas. Places that are not easy or quick to reach could have emergency supplies quickly, when time is a huge factor in the situation.

Facebook has also announced that they are going to be looking into drones as well. What do you think about this revolutionary delivery system that seems to be growing in popularity every day? Would you enjoy it and use it, or would you rather not have system like this set up with using drones?



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  1. Jeff Newman September 2, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    I can’t wait to see Amazon try to deliver packages to us folks in Brooklyn!

    1. The drone is spotted overhead
    2. Members of gang “A” start to gather, following the drone on foot.
    3. Members of rival gang “B” start to gather, following the drone and trying — for the moment — to avoid the members of gang “A”
    4, The drone nears its destination as indicated by a drop in altitude. Gang “B” pulls head of gang “A”.
    5. The drone touches done in front of a six story apartment building. Six members of gang “B” are waiting for it.
    6. Gang “B” snatches the package being delivered and waits for the drone to lift off.
    7. One member of gang “B” takes out a gun and fires at the drone overhead. It’s hit on the third try and sputters to the ground, smashing on impact.
    8: The following day, the expectant package recipient files a non-delivery report with Amazon, who re-ships the parcel (by conventional means) and issues a credit for a free additional month of Prime.
    9. Gang “A” and gang “B” eventually get into it. As it turns out, one gang is Mexican and one is Russian. The outcome? No one really cares.

    • Bobby Arneth September 3, 2014 at 7:15 pm

      I find this quite humorous but would presume by the time this becomes relevant then iris scanners will identify people shooting down their drones. However some shady attire might work when heading into the sticks in suburbia.

      Do you think this makes any contradiction? I only say because I believe it will be years before the technology meets security and drones aren’t at any risk of falling on top of peoples heads and lawsuits hover aside.

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