Wearable Technology, Were will it take us?

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Wearable Technology

    As we see wearable technology become quiet useful for our daily life’s such as the new smart watches and the Google Glass. I Imagine that there can be much more use out of wearable tech other then just checking our emails and seeing our friends Facebook posts. So we should just keep an open mind when it comes down to hardware and software development.

“Okay Google”

    “Okay Google” Is the voice command you give to your Device that’s running Android Wear to wake up Google’s Text-To-Speech program. So far as it seems Google’s voice detection software is the best for voice recognition. In the near future we will more then likely see Google’s Text-To-Speech software being implemented in new wearable technology devices.


    As it stands right now we are able to download and use free or paid for apps for our smart watches. Now the most common apps you may find that you can download or are pre installed on you smart watch like the Samsung gear live is you will start with Google’s weather app along with a camera, and Google Keep, etcetera. Most of the professional app developers are currently merged with small company’s building apps for the android or apple store. Though there are app developers out there working on apps for Smart watches, there isnt any good enough apps that can be used for a day to day basis. So the app’s you can use on your smart watches will be pushed onto other Android Wearable technology.

More To Come

    After seeing more tech giants wanting to become apart of this growing market of wearable tech, you can see the current wearable tech that seems to be getting more attention is the smart watches. For instance the Samsung Gear 2 smart watch which us used for checking up on Facebook updates, the weather in your area, text messages, Etcetera. Well knowing this isn’t really a big thing knowing we can do all those things already, it seems all it helps to is get updated with out pulling out your phone which I imagine can be very helpful from time to time. When it comes down to apps on the smart watches they can be very useful as you are able to locate your phone. Now if you didn’t know these smart watches like the Samsung Gear 2 runs on the Android Wear OS (Operating System). Seeing the Android Wear OS and what its capable of and just the fact that it is as smooth as it is, Android Wear will more then likely be taking a leap to other platforms as the begin to be made, and all wearable Android technology. More in the future will we see new ways of using these pieces of technology as Google Glass already has hand jesters and voice commands, there’s just got to be a better way of using these devices…


– Christopher K. Mckinstry

Date: 9/5/2014

Age: 17


Christopher Mckinstry

One who thrives in technology, willing to learn everyday, and wish to innovate one day. Christopher Mckinstry a 17 year old, who has been dealing with all sorts of technology sense he was 13 years of age, and desires to help make lives easier and meeting others who wish to do the same.

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