Mozilla’s Firefox OS Overview

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If you’re familiar with web browsers, the Firefox name should be something that you’re familiar with. It’s also no surprise that you’ve probably heard of Mozilla’s new open source operating system for mobile devices and tablets, the Firefox OS.

Firefox OS is essentially an operating system that’s dedicated to mobile devices. It’s based on Linux, and incorporates open web standards such as CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5. This enables all applications that utilize HTML5 to communicate with any device that runs on Firefox OS. The difference between the Firefox OS and its competitors, such as Android and iOS, is that it’s free from restrictions and rules that have been established by other existing platforms, hence the term ‘open source’. The idea of it being an open source operating systems allows users to have more access to its functions, which are almost entirely based on web applications. This means even its most basic functions, such as the dialer, camera, and messages, are all websites in the form of an application. This also requires all Firefox applications to be developed following web standards like HTML5 and CSS3, rather than Java, which is what Android developers are more familiar with.

Mozilla intends to revolutionize the way that we interact with the internet. Our habits of surfing websites and manually keying in various addresses with a .com are supposed to be replaced with a brand new era where we utilize web applications a lot more. Due to the web-based nature of Firefox OS, it doesn’t require fantastic hardware for it to create a brilliant user experience. In fact, it only requires very minimal specifications, allowing smart phones to be more affordable. The design of it is meant to cater to developing countries, and virgin smartphone owners.

The Firefox OS has a mission to bring the uses of the internet to everyone across the world, even those who have trouble keeping up with technology. It brings a simplified user experience, educating beginner users on the internet’s functions, while allowing them the ownership of a smartphone.



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