Why the Chinese Government is Creating their Own Linux

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The government of  China has a published a statement saying that instead of using the Windows operating systems, it’s going to make it’s own operating system using Linux. Over 70% of China’s market-share has been using Windows XP. The decision was made to abolish Windows from china’s systems when Microsoft urged them to upgrade their systems to Windows 8. This is because they intend to provide security updates in the future for Windows XP, which will ultimately lead to its final demise.

China recognizes this to be a threat against their national security. They realize the risks that running a foreign operating system can bring, especially when security updates and technical support will no longer be guaranteed. As far as China is concerned, their government isn’t satisfied with this, which led to the eventual decision to no longer utilize Windows operating systems in their computers. They also said that they would not use the latest version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system, Windows 8, to prevent a similar occurrence from happening in the future.

The explanation to their claims of Windows posing its operating systems as a national security risk is due to the tight grip that they have over the Windows code, which they fear could be used to grant them untraceable access into their operating systems. Furthermore, China’s government agencies operate on Windows XP’s operating systems, and since upgrading to Windows 8 is viewed to be an even greater risk, they have no choice but to develop their own Linux operating system.

As the Chinese population begins to be more exposed to using technology in their everyday lives, the China government sees the need to discourage them form using foreign operating systems. Developing a Linux-based operating system that’s unique to its country happens to the answer to that as well, which will allow the people China a domestic operating system

None of this means that Microsoft is banned from selling their operating systems in China, it just means that the China government is no longer going to be a buyer. Microsoft is known to have struggled with the China market, along with other technology companies. The amount of piracy in China has made profitability far too difficult for any of them to gain sufficient traction in the market.

Canonical, a Linux producer originating from Britain, is known to be working with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on this new operating system.



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  1. Larry August 30, 2014 at 11:02 am

    I do think China has a right to run what they want on there computers

  2. Tyler Deans August 30, 2014 at 11:52 am

    I think the Chinese government creating their own Linux operating system is a good idea. It could help bring technology to people who may not be able to afford expensive software like Windows.

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