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I know that I can go to Micro-center (p.s. we have one of those in the Dallas area, YAHOOOOOO!!!!) or best buy and buy a Google Chromebook or Chromebox with the Google Chrome OS Operating System on it but I do know that just like the Google Chrome Web Browser has their open source variant the Chromium Web Browser, Google Chrome OS has an open source variant Chromium OS, but Google provides no easy way of actually downloading the Operating System.  I personally think that is a little ridiculous but you know, companies do very weird things but hey, I guess there is a reason for everything.

The reason I would like to get Chromium OS is because I do not want to g0 out and actually buy a Chromebook or Chromebox, I would much rather go out, download Chromium OS at home for free,  create a virtual machine in virtualbox and use it with in my main computer.

Personally I think the Chromium OS part of the Google Chromium project is a very great idea,  I do think that this is the future of all computing.  Like Eli said in his Chromebox video,  If your Chromebook or Chromebox Breaks Down, are you going to take it to your local mom and pop computer repair shop so they can diagnosis it and troubleshoot your machine, No, you are probably going to chuck it in the trash and buy another one.

(p.s. I do think as long as windows sticks around, then the computer repair section of Micro-center will always be around, their computer repair service is excellent, I will cover them in another post)

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    • Jeff Newman August 21, 2014 at 12:15 am

      Thanks, Eli! Up and running under vSphere 5.

      Steps for doing this:

      1. Download the VMware version. There are three nightly builds there. I chose the latest. All are from 2013.
      2. Extract the .vmx and .vmdk files from the zip.
      3. Use the VMware Converter Standalone (free after registering at to convert the VM from VMware Workstation/Fusion format to VMware Infrastructure (vSphere) format. The Converter will place the resulting VM into vCenter or onto an ESXi host.
      4. The Converter will configure the VM with a “Flexible” NIC. Remove that and replace it with the E1000 (Intel) NIC.
      5. Power up the virtual machine and enter your Google account info.

      Not much to look at, but it’s a browser in a stripped down version of Linux. Eh.

  1. Marquise August 20, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    You can install Chromium and upgrade it to Chrome OS using terminal commands. Basically it replaces Chromium with one of the official Chrome OS builds. Since it is not installed on a chromebook you cannot get the free cloud storage and there will be no automatic updates. I have done it and it does work but it’s a long process and depending on your hardware it may not work.

    For the full instructions check out and read everything carefully

  2. Jimmy Simpson III August 21, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    This doesn’t exactly fit your use case but If you’re running a Mac. Parallels has an image you can install directly as a VM. I use it for testing my web apps.

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