Explaining very easily Procedural programming for interpreted languages!

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The theme behind this post is to make you feel comfortable with any new programming language, not meant for experts ,any feed back would be nice


Understanding key words: Computer  doesn’t understand  everything you type in your respective editor ,despite its speed and processing power

you can compare it to speaking to  partially deaf person..yes he can’t hear you properly   so you can’t speak directly to him like you would to me..think how you would talk

to deaf person


yes you would show hand signs , and connect it to real life animate or inanimate objects.

Say tell I want to ask a deaf person who is he ,      I will do the ” who ” action in the pic and point at the person ….

Computer is  only Partially deaf  It can understand  Math operations  and logical operations ==,>,<..etc   lol…

.Take case of python ..these are the  keywords

and              elif                       if                     print
as                 else                    import           raise
assert         except in         return
break          exec                  is                       try
class             finally            lambda           while
continue    for                    not                    with
def                from               or                         yield
del               global             pass

Give you an example..before i do… think of variables as a box inside which information  is there (the idea of variables as boxes taken from Author David J. Eck ),

(I did copy paste the program part from a python book lol.)

Content followed by “#” is Explanation  and bold content is program


loop_ok = True    


#say this is a box which has value stored true…i have kept this box in front of the deaf guy(computer)

 loop_cnt = 10

#another box i brought it Infront of the computer

 while loop_ok:  

# while is the action i do to the deaf guy , and then point him towards the loop_ok  box, he understands what follows, he opens   the box ,it has value True inside it….he # understands it as “While true do the following stuff man”(for moments sake lets assume       he doesn’t   say screw you and walks away lol)

.print “%d Loop is OK” % loop_cnt

# print  is the next action I do infront of the deaf guy (Computer ) and i do another action ,show a opening quotation mark,

#say what you want to say like “You are my Slave Muhahahhaha ” yup and show end quotation mark  ..or to print the value of

# the box ,point him what is the type of the #box and give him the box  like the case above  in bold letters.


    loop_cnt -= 1                                                                          

 #yes talking to a blind guy is not that hard lol..just the description lol..but here also another box with value

     if loop_cnt < 0:                              

       # here if is another action done by you tell the deaf guy followed by telling him if  the value of box is less than  0

             loop_ok = False                              

            #We tell him to replace value of true with false ,because he did that he will stop doing while  followed by commands
       print “%d Loop no longer OK” % loop_cnt  

else is another action since we don’t want him to be jobless.. he undertand’s , perform the actions that follow

#otherwise ie the print action I again do to show the deaf guy.. how and what  to do …damn typing all this is                                                                                                                            #exhausting lol ….Computer does all you have told him to,but  hes lazy  he does only when he feels like it..you                                                                                                                              #have to force him


#lol ie  run the program lol..


Output :

10 Loop is OK
9 Loop is OK
8 Loop is OK
7 Loop is OK
6 Loop is OK
5 Loop is OK
4 Loop is OK
3 Loop is OK
2 Loop is OK
1 Loop is OK
0 Loop is OK
-1 Loop no longer OK

If you take this into your imagination , and  your doing telling a deaf guy to do a list of things…any way you like it..This is what Pro’s and wannabe’s like me call me call it PROCEDURAL Programming…yes even Object Oriented programming is another type …I will be posting ,easily explaining complicated programs that take hours of classes ..or weeks lol with simple comparisons…….

Its my first attempt..go easy on me guys lol..Do tell me what you think lol


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  1. Elliott Judd August 28, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    I think the bigger picture that this portrays, relating real life examples to coding to aid its teaching, is a great idea and can be a refreshing alternative to hourly lectures, or tedious online documentation/courses.

    This particular article has the interesting concept of explaining code as if you’re trying to talk to a deaf person. However it’s hard to follow, needs a well organised structure and has many grammatical errors.

    You need to polish this up a bit, add a structure, nail out those grammatical mistakes, and get someone to proof read it.

    Using other examples from real life might benefit this too.

    Please continue with this, I’m intrigued to see how this will develop.

    • ebey August 31, 2014 at 12:27 pm


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