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I was watching Eli’s weekly debrief and one of the Question was what was windows written in. I have the answer to that.

Now when windows first came out it was an addition to DOS.  Even now with Windows 8.1, Windows is STILL an technically just an addition to DOS.

DOS was written entirely of Assembly, so the Windows kernel is written in Assembly.  It really is, go online and look it up.

Now when it comes the the “windows” (the addition to DOS) that we know and love and hate I this fabulous abusive relationship we have with Microsoft, That was almost entirely written in C, C++ and C#.  So DOS was Assembly and the GUI side of the OS was written in C, C++ and C#.


Also in that question, the person mention what language was Linux written in, well that was written in A+.


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  1. Jeff Newman August 19, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    The Windows kernel was actually written in C. Alas there is no DOS left in the Windows kernel.

    DOS, which was 16-bit, no longer exists, but a DOS-like environment, in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions runs as a subsystem in modern 64-bit versions of Windows. The ability to run 32-bit apps, including the 32-bit CMD environment on 64-bit Windows is called WOW (Windows on Windows).

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