A Good Way to Get People to Contact you

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Recently, I felt it would be nice to give people a way of contacting me without me giving my personal Email address out on to the internet for the whole damn world to see.  So what I have decided to do was create an Outlook.com allies.  Outlook.com is Microsoft’s email service, it used to be called Hotmail.  Microsoft Outlook.com is great because it allows to create multiple email addresses with one account.  Anyway, the reasons all of you guys at GeekBrainDump should do this is so people can have an easier time getting a hold of you, lets lay the ceo of a company wants to offer you a job because he is impressed by what he sees in you, he can easily contact you.


To ask me Questions please email me at AskJoeLunsford@outlook.com


Joe Lunsford

contact me at AskJoeLunsford@outlook.com call or text me at 241-810-4977

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