5 Pieces of Advice on How To Not Get Hacked !!!

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Well I am a 17 year old studying cyber security, computer science and networking. Part of my experience is seeing a lot of people getting hacked on an everyday basis. Since I am intending on the world to be a better place I am posting this so you guys have a smaller change of getting hacked. Well Today I’ll be giving you five things you can do to not get hacked, and I have my reasoning behind them.

Whenever someone says “I got malware on my computer ” or “I got hacked” the advice s/he receives is “Go Buy A MAC !!!!!” …. The problem with that theory is people think that macs are malware or virus proof. In reality malware can still attack an apple computer, they can even attack Linux so don’t always get your hopes up. The reason why they are “safer” is because when you are trying to build a massive botnet so you can spy or launch ddos attacks you don’t want to attack Mac users or Linux users (minority). You want to save as much time as possible and attack as many users as possible (majority… windows users).  Therefore most malware is written in  a programming language such as C++… Malware can be written in a  programming language such as java, making it able to attack linux and mac, with a little craftiness, you can make it execute without the person knowing (java on html, works like runescape).

And there you have it, Our first piece of advice….

1) don’t click suspicious links: If the link looks suspicious it probably is… With a simple html bracket you can be a mastermind at making botnets

 applet code="Bubbles.class" width="350" height="350"

with just a simple code such as the one above..  you can infect a computer and make the malware run ( this can attack apple computers as well ) …. DO YOU HAVE ANTIVIRUS OR MALWARE PROTECTION ??? well there you go 😀 you still aren’t  safe 😉 …. I worked with Cryptography using c# myself … all you need is a well written crypter [major antivirus doesn’t know about  (buy a really good one, or make one)] and when antivirus tries to read the code of the file it will get a good mesh or retarded code  and it will scan it as being safe, later the code gets back to original form and executes and there you go, an infected computer.

2) don’t pick up and use USBs/ CDs left anywhere…. Why ???

Well here is where the evilness happens… I’ve done this myself as a social engineering experiment and I left some infected CD’s in the mall… people actually fell for it ( I deleted the malware fro my host computer later because I did not want to really attack or anything) **** REST OF THE EXPERIMENT IS CLASSIFIED ****

either way, another example of this is a white hat hacker was hired by a bank to test their security… I think it was back in 2013 but anyway what he did is he took 20 USB’s and placed them around the parking lot of the bank, he placed the malware on an invisible partition and he hacked into around 4 computers, it was an attack strictly based on people’s curiosity and greed … FREE IS GOOD BUT DON’T OVER DO IT

3) Use a VPN or Proxy
What are these ??? VPN ( virtual private networks) and Proxies change your IP address … ( ” why care it’s just an IP you can only DDOS with it ??!!!  ” ) WRONG. from an IP address you can attack someone’s individual computer and get a shell of it if you are skilled enough or if they are vulnerable enough… don’t believe me ??? you can do it with metasploit using….msfconsole.

You can even do social engineering attacks and get usernames and passwords (for the sake of length you research this yourself… you can use Kali Linux.


Since I’m nice and I like you love free stuff
here are some free vpn’s you can try

PRIVATE TUNNEL (sort of free … 100MB  per email  — YET REALLY GOOD— )


Cyber Ghost ( One free IP, one is enough unless you are hacking or something  —-REALLY GOOD—-)



4) Don’t Use Open Networks or Give Network Pass to Wrong People

How the internet works is a packet goes in this order

Computer —> Router —> Internet Cloud

With a type of attack called ARP Poisoning (Man in the Middle Attack ) the packet will go through the attackers computer, where it can be read and either dropped for DoS attack or just sent back out so the Victim wont know what is going on.

The Map for that Looks Like

Computer (victim) —> Attackers Computer —> Router —> Internet Cloud

5) And Last but not Least, Use Different Passwords
Although this  is the fifth piece of advice, it is the easiest… So People don’t forget, they use the same password for everything. The Problem with that is that, if a hacker gets one password… he has all passwords, From Bank of America to Facebook… He has everything 🙁 so please just make it simple on your behalf and just use different passwords 😀


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Ali Ahmad

Well I am a 17 year old studying cyber security, computer science and networking. I make youtube videos (Fitness and IT) for the RnKCORE youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/rnkcore

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