Google should start a Microcrap Campain

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Ever since Microsoft decided to just bash the hell out of Google with their scrogged campaign,  I was thinking, what if Google were to do the same thing back to Microsoft.  Think about it,  if Microsoft is going to be a bitch, then why not Google attack back and let society know they will not put up with Microsoft crap.  They could call it microchip and they could show people how Microsoft sales people don’t give a shit about you and that they will only do what is good for Microsoft.  They can show the world that Bing sucks and that is why they own the market.  So that is essentially my thought on what Google should do to defend themselves form the “evil Corporation “.



Joe Lunsford

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  1. Jake Gardner August 16, 2014 at 4:43 am

    Haha would be pretty funny campaign to see. I think Microsoft made themselves look pretty stupid. I don’t think that running a tit for tat advertising war would be a very good move.
    I still honesty can’t believe that that idea ever got out of Microsofts advertising department.

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