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Way Back When – A Portable Record Player With A Radio!

Taking Your Music On The Road 

Let’s face it, today’s smart phone has replaced – all past home audio/video appliances/gizmos. Depending on how far back you go, you can look at some of this evolution.

Let’s go back to 1967. You had to have one of these – especially in the summer: a portable phono/radio combination.  Bring a handful of 45rpm singles – and, you were in business. Taking YOUR music out of the home was a big deal.  Playing your music away from home was a BIGGER deal. Your music. Your way!

You’d see these at parks and beaches. One thing, you had to keep your records out of the direct sunlight – or – they’d begin to warp – right before your eyes.

The radio was AM – because – that’s where you listened to top-40 music. This unit was mono – not stereo. Not everyone could afford one – the price was pretty steep for 1967.

tech history 1967 - music playback

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