Multiple goals not multitasking the way to go about things

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I used to believe single goals , is the only logical way ,I will say I  did get some where having a single goal , I used to exercise allot ,one day 50 push ups next day I try to bring to hundred, and reach 65 or 70 , I did work great for me ,I was doing push ups and crunches starting out from 20 and 100 , just within few weeks of time I was upto 500 push ups a day , the next day 2000 crunches, I sorta improved the way I did also , lost tons of weight , but being the only focus I got tired  of it and lost interest , like listening to  songs you like soo much u start hating it next time you hear it or something like that ,Single minded goals can take you places , you might just loose interest, I stopped doing exercise for a long time ,I started again  that’s another story , loosing weight is bit more difficult for me now ,.

Its not having that single goal in other cases too made me stop but , when things don’t works they way you want say for few days also,probably story of my life  lol..leaves you reassessing  the grandness of your goals or just makes your life a living hell , or just waste time because of the hopelessness of your situation

And multitasking was a waste of time  for me lol,

I started having multiple goals , like well balanced meal , sortof , I manage my goals using Google keep which I heard from Eli  , I think it is great for managing your  Goals,Most importantly more than achieving your GOALS

Living a interesting  and occupied life  coming along with this  offer it is too tempting to refuse  ..SO WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS??..your opinions will be deeply appreciated!!


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  1. Ryan M August 16, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I love using Google Keep! I have the Chrome app on my desktop and the Widget on my Nexus 5! My personal favorite for things I need to remember. Also I used to use this website ( which turned goals and habits into an rpg game.

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