Tech History – June/July/August 1997

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Back We Go – June/July/August 1997

The Emerging Internet Was In Full Swing

tech history 1997

June – Microsoft agrees to invest $1 billion in Comcast Corp – one of the nation’s largest cable television companies. For its investment, Microsoft will receive newly issued Comcast stock and will have an 11.5% stake in the company… Microsoft Corp. announces that it is joining rival Netscape in a plan that would give users more control over personal information collected on the Internet.

July –  America Online (AOL) signs marketing agreements with Inc and 1-800-Flowers as part of its strategy to use its 8 million members to attract partners. will pay $19 million over three years for promotion on AOL’s Web site and NetFind Internet directory. AOL will get $25 million from 1-800- Flowers plus sales revenues… 

 August Microsoft says it is investing $150 million in competitor Apple Computer in an alliance that stuns the industry. Apple said it has agreed to make Microsoft’s Internet Explorer the default browser of its Macintosh operating system. The alliance pits them against Netscape and Sun Microsystems in the area of developing software for the Internet…

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  1. Bobby Arneth August 11, 2014 at 7:29 am

    Interesting stuff.. I can only recall a bit of this because I was pretty young then but its good a good read.

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