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For all the people asking Eli about emulating Android I can tell you about one product that can do this. You will need to ask around about how to do this for Android but you can on Intel CPUS. The reason is that unlike normal visualization which does only emulate at the OS layer this emulates at the hardware layer by emulating the actual CPU code, this is normally used by embedded Linux developers as we all known your desktop is much faster and therefore people like me do something call cross compiling which is compiling different C/C++ for another architecture on an Intel based platform for ARM based or other embedded CPUs.

One of the parts of this solution is QEMU for us to test the compiled code. If you are running Ubuntu ,QEMU and a tool chain for arm is available for ARM in the repos and you can search for it using the software center. The tool chain for you who don’t known is what compiles C and C++ code and needs to built for the CPU you are running on and therefore need one built for ARM in order to build Android. If anybody wants to ask me more questions about advanced programming, OS programming and embedded programming e.t.c. , my email is xerofoify@gmail.com.


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  1. Nicholas August 14, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    It doesn’t work just for arm but it does work for all CPU’s supported by Linux including Sparc and Powerpc.

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