Java easier to learn with knowledge of C and C++

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To be honest I did enjoy learning or to be more clear writing C ++ ,it was nice ,I was writing programs on my own when other guys where just typing out what the teacher said,unfortunately due to rote learning style in both practicals and theory ..i scored pretty low marks in my computer science, but with the knowledge I had gotten during that brief period of time was more than enough helped me during my my college days(My core group was not Computer Science),To my great surprise I found Java especially very easy ,i have learned quite a bit If you have choice between Java or Python I suggest you take up Java,after  studying  objects and classes  in detail,A light bulb lit up inside my head , I understood how and why Python as a language it was made or designed fundamentally in the way , You will hear  expert advise ,you tube videos maybe lol!!saying you can do more with less  of code ,application development ,but the fact it can do that Python becomes way harder to understand, I donno for me I NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM,AT LEAST LEAVE ME THINKING  I DO lol..if you guys feel the same way  about programming If I have a option between Java and Python.IF i am able turn back time again lol…I would choose to start with java any day…so guys what  do you think??


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  1. Katy Pillman August 8, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Java < C++
    Java is most likely the easiest language. Of course it is easier to learn with C and C++ knowledge because it is a **** a lot easier!

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