A Review of the Web Application “TalkTyper” (Using TalkTyper)

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This is going to be a short review of an online web application called talktyper.  Talktyper is free online application that is an alternative to a lot of the paid for dictation programs. Why would you want a dictation program? Dictation programs make things a whole lot easier for people who want to blogger people who want to write and at the same time I have some useful applications on the desktop. Talk typer is not a full solution or alternative to leading brands like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

What do you get out of talktyper .com? Well, this is very simple you head on over to talk typer .com . and there you’ll find a very simple title at the top. A small box with a recording icon, a settings icon, some language options, & a few other things. After giving your microphone on your headset, or your blue speaker, or your other microphone, permission to talk to this online application then you are ready to start.

After giving your microphone permission to talk to the online application. You can get started right away you simply click any upper box and then click the microphone icon which begins to listen to the microphone you then can dictate what you need to be turned into text and using Google’s algorithm Google Talk to text technology, talk hyper will turn what you say into text and then after you’re done dictating there is a small green arrow that appears, you click the green arrow in order to take the text that it has gotten from you and from there it will pull that text that its displaying to you down into the box or you can edit it from there and not smaller box below it gives you some more options.

From the small box down below after you dictate a text in the upper box me down. You’ve got some options on the right hand side of the bigger box at the bottom to choose from to manipulate your text. You can copy it to clipboard, add punctuation, print easily, clear all texts, send an email, tweet your text, or translate it all into another language using assume Google’s translate technology and it just roots boxer talk typer so you’re actually utilizing free talk typer number of Google technologies if your Google family this is great.

So to wrap up this quick blog, actually been riding with talk typer I’m going to go over some pros and cons and I’m actually also not going to edit like I mentioned at the top of this blog I’m not going to edit anything out or correct any spelling or anything like that for this one blog because it is indeed a review of a voice dictation software and online application so really this is going to give you a ride idea of what you can accomplish with talktyper using google voice to text technology.

Here are the pros for this online application if you were looking to use it, its free, it is also easy to use, and it will work with any microphone for recording device that you have available. It also gives you some really cool in application options to manipulate your text printed or distributed in any way you like. I find this application makes blocking super easy and it actually allows me to write out an entire blog Adventist go through it and do some manual editing with mouse and keyboard.

The only real complaint that I have messages online application. Is this web app utilizes Google Talk to text technology, and there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. However, I have a little bit of a beef with Google as far as how long is a give you until your sentence is supposed to be complete. If you pause even for more than a split second to think about your next sentence. It will cut you off and types of sentence and you have to reach over use the mouse to click the microphone again. This is also a problem with a lot of Android devices with Google’s talk to text on mobile as well as the web so talk typer has the same problems as being just Google’s technology utilize through third party.

Other than not being able to pose for split second think about your next sentence, this is a really great application. & I guess, you could call that one drawback that I mentioned a pro because it actually makes you think about your next sentence and know what you’re going to say before you sad which is probably good for someone like me who often takes before they think.

So in conclusion of this is an excellent application if you were looking for an online app that is a alternative to Dragon Naturally Speaking simply dictates what you want to say this simply you less is Google’s talk to text technology and lets you easily dictate to your computer and have it show up in text. If this is all you want from something like Dragon Naturally Speaking this on an application if you have an internet connection will save you 100 dollars it will make blog writing easier reading emails easier because all you have to do is click an email button after you dictate your text. I will definitely be using this application to write most of my blogs help me send emails and possibly even write papers as I am a college student. Do keep in mind slow but this is not a perfect indication is Google’s talk to text is absolutely not perfect it is definitely helpful but you will need to do some manual mouse and keyboard editing, as well as actually say the word period, and the word comma when you want to punctuate.

I hope you found this shirt review insightful I hope you check out this online application, & I hope you’re also having a wonderful day.


–This is Austin signing off, stay tuned for more blog posts updates on new technology discussions and all sorts of cool jazz .


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