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You’d Never See This Statistic Today

Radio History – 1957

The year was 1957 and radio was making a big comeback.

Disappearing were series and serials with actors and actresses. Coming on strong – disc jockeys and music. Top-40 music was making a big impression with certain station/group owners out front including Storer, Storz and McLendon. You notice I didn’t say NBC, CBS or ABC. The independent operators were making a big difference because – they understood radio’s new direction.

I thought I’d share this tidbit from the summer of 1957 – radio ownership. 96% of all homes had a radio.

Back then, they were “radio sets.” Radios were still expensive – the average radio (AM) cost about $20.00 – and that’s over $100.00 in today’s dollars. So, let me share this with you.  Also – you’ll see an ad for the Storz stations. Todd Storz was a radio pioneer who observed (while sipping beer in a bar) – that the same jukebox songs were playing over-and-over.  The same songs. Usually they were newer releases.

Storz had a radio station and so, he developed a format that played the same 10 records over-and over. The ratings went through the roof. By 1957, he had more stations – and they too, were doing quite well. By then, he expanded the playlist a little – but the concept of playing the most popular songs in a fast rotation – was money in the bank – as long as the station sounded good, had talented DJ’s and was entertaining.

Storz stations 1957 radio history

1957 Storz Stations


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