Exploring the net without adblock, part II

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A few weeks ago I wrote about my opinions and experiences about ad block and decided to start a journey on the internet without the “protection” of ad block. You can find the first post here.

Since I wrote that post, I have moved back to my laptop, back to windows 7 and everything else just as I am used to, just as I like it. However I have been busy on some non-tech related projects and have not been surfing the intenet too much. But this, I believe, is the best test to see my reactions to ad block since I can see how I react to the adds on the sites I constantly visit, which of course are the ones that matter. I wouldn’t are about the adds on a one time visit…

After a few weeks without ad block, this time on a computer that will not get slowed down by ads, I don’t know if I want to install it again or not. I have seen banners that I did not know existed, on sites I very regularly visit, but I don’t mind them. What does annoy me are video adds on youtube and adds that come in as first results on a google search.  Making a tiny movement with my finger to scroll down a little might not be much, but i find it annoying. Not for the movement, but because I can’t see my results right away. In addition, a lot of times I get an ad and then the first result is the same page. I suppose it happens to everyone, but I do get annoyed by it! Why should i need to scroll down a whole screen just to see anything other that what is advertised? And here I don’t have to worry about the content creator making any money. Google is big enough, making money in so many ways, that I do really not care!

As for youtube, I didn’t mind about the adds in the first few days. But then I realized it is the same few adds over and over again. And again. And again…. And so on… And then I put a playlist on… The nightmare! I don’t know how their algorithm works, i didn’t notice if the add came up every two videos or anything like that, but I did notice it was too much… If the videos would be long, then I could understand it and tolerate it, but when you are listening to music or watching videos that are seconds long, then the adds coming up are very annoying. To me at least.

I am personally still confused. I want to support content creators and therefore I will still try to go against the annoyed me and keep on without ad block, but I believe that I wont last forever. At some point some website is going to annoy me a little too much and that will mean I am going back to ad-block.

But, I want to point out something, since I’ve seen some turmoil about the topic. Some content-creators are really trying to fight ad block, because it takes some profit away from them and get angry at people using ad block. However, in my opinion the fault is not done by ad block or the users, but from site owners for going to far with advertisements. Whether that is google, with the ads on youtube being too much, or a little site owned by a simple blogger, that has filled it up with more adds than content. If we had more discreet advertisement on the internet, I believe ad block would be used less, and this whole topic would not have been raised to start with.


Anastasios Barianos

Anastasios Barianos is a student in the field of IT, has an interest in a wide spectrum of IT, Computer Science and technology in general, but also in arts and other activities.

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  1. Peter August 8, 2014 at 4:20 am

    Why not just whitelist sites you want to support? Or use the pause fontion once in a while. There are lots of ways to customise it to your style of browsing.

    • Anastasios Barianos August 8, 2014 at 12:16 pm

      To be honest, because I am lazy! 😀 I do know there are ways to customize adblocks filters, but I never gave it more than two minutes, in which it was not clear to me how it works. Maybe when I get too angry at the ads I’ll do it.

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