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Windows hard drive where we save data in form of any file format if are confronting improper behavior beyond the user have expected then, it may be due to Windows system file corruption where some functions of Windows started not to work or some actions/operations may be crashed. No matter if data within hard drive became inaccessible due to file system corruption if you are working with Windows 7 as it holds an inbuilt tool called System File Checker tool.

In case the data within hard drive is gone for inaccessibility due to corruption then, one can try to file recovery from damaged Windows HDD with use of SFC.exe indirectly.

Note: System File Checker tool (SFC.exe) is only available with Windows 7 and it works towards missing/damaged system files along with basic recovery for the same. Finding the system file due to which you are confronting issues and removal become easier with this application.

How SFC.exe Tool Works For System File Scan And Recovery? 

  • Click on Windows start icon and search box will be opted with cmd command
  • Command Prompt -> Right click -> Run as Administrator


  • Within this command box type SFC /SCANNOW then press enter.


  • System File Checker tool will check out all the files those made other files and information inaccessible.


  • The time taken by tool will depend on the data and process of the system. In case any kind of errors are found by this application then, tool will resolve that by own along with confirmation text given below:


Warning: If the hard drive file corruption is due to some other reason instead of system file destruction then, this application is not going to work for you.

As well as if you have changed your system files in order that add together custom themes to the running operating system, and the use of sfc /scannow will turn back the system files like explorer.exe to the previous state. Before using this SFC.exe, one should create backup of confidential and crucial information.

Come Out From Restriction of System File Checker tool:

As Hard drive data inaccessibility is due to system file issues then, the suggested way will be applicable for a limited domain.  But what you will do when you need to recover damaged files of Windows system those are not in reach due to formatted drives, deletion, virus attack, and other issues. At such times, it is better to rely on Windows Hard drive partition recovery software because it works under all the situations where other solutions whether manual or commercial do not work.


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