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The TRS-80 Was The First Personal Computer Star

Back in the very late 1970’s, you could purchase an Apple, Altair 8800B, Commodore and other PC’s – but the true superstar back then was the TRS-80 from Radio Shack. Built by Tandy – it came complete with its own monitor, QWERTY board – and, you could purchase a Radio Shack cassette recorder for data storage. Of course, around 1978, you could purchase a disk drive. Language was BASIC.

The TRS-80 had the most apps/programs for its day, could be purchased in thousands of Radio Shack stores and was reasonably priced – just under $600.00. It pretty much lead the market until IBM/DOS a few years later.

I came up with some interesting tidbits for the TRS-80. First – a storage/disc update and below it – and ad from an outside vendor – TRS-80 support.  Both are from early 1980. Between these two – you get a decent snapshot of the 1980 PC world.

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