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Having tried to install a trial version of Server 2012 R2 recently on a VMWare Workstation 10 just to be told “Can’t find registration files for Microsoft Server 2012 R2- please locate and begin installation again” or something to that effect, I marveled at how easy this process was with VirtualBox – it just worked. Having also installed two Win 7 Enterprise VM’s as well with absolutely no grief at all, apart from having to working out the network settings necessary for communication between these VM’s….

It does though come as a breath of fresh air to a noob like me to be able to use such a sophisticated piece of software with such ease as I’m finding I’m having to do quite a lot of reading up, trial an error and plenty of YouTube every time I try something else!!! Which of course is what makes it fun!! Sometimes though you just want something to do what it says it does from word go and Oracle seem to have pulled this off nicely with VirtualBox. Following along with Eli the Computer Guy’s track on Server 2012 is now steaming along for me, a couple of weeks ago I thought a “Server” worked in a restaurant – like I said, Microsoft noob. (CCNA March 2014)


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