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I have been given a copy of Carbonite Online Backup to review by


Installing Carbonite was quite simple just download the product and click install. I just installed it with the default settings but you can also customise the settings. By default it is set to backup your My Documents, Desktop, Music and Pictures folders(this is using windows, there is also a Mac version but I don’t have a Mac)

Using The Backup Software

Using the backup software is easy. By default it is  setup to backup continually. You can also setup to backup once a day or not to back up  at all during certain hours.

Carbonite Online backupWhile it is backing up there is a button that says how long will this take? which when you click it it doesnt actually tell you how long it will take. This is a bit strange, it just gives you a rough estimate of a few days. See image below.

When you click how long will this take it doesn't actually tell you.

When you click how long will this take it doesn’t actually tell you.

Restoring your files

Restoring your files is pretty cool. It actually opens up a view to the cloud backup in a Windows Explorer folder and gives you some instructions on how to restore from the backup.

restore page

All in all this is a good software solution. I would not recommend using this if you have slow internet or if you only have a small internet usage plan. I also wouldn’t want to use this if the files are mission critical as it can take quite some time to download the files back to your computer.

If you are looking for a home use backup software that you can leave running and know the files are backed up offsite then this is a very good solution and I would recommend Carbonite Online Backup.


Jake Gardner

Jake is an IT Consultant/Systems Engineer that works for a business that offers services to SMB clients. He runs his own business that delivers solutions geared towards online marketing and web design.

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  1. Jeff Newman August 3, 2014 at 11:33 am

    There are a number of speed tests on the Web that seem to indicate Carbonite is significantly faster than its competitors.

    I’ve not tried it because, though the amount of data you can back up under their low cost pricing is unlimited, they do throttle your backup speed after a certain amount of data has been sent.

    I used Backblaze for a couple of years but found it unreliable in that it had permissions issues backing up certain files and on more than one occasion, files that I thought were being backed up (and should have been), weren’t.

    I’ve switched to CrashPlan, which for about $6/month pay-as-you-go, offers unlimited backup and no throttling.

    CrashPlan normally does not back up network drives but they provide a workaround on their site that will enable it to do so.

    I’m amazed that they actually help you find ways to increase the amount of data you’re backing up to them.

    CrashPlan also allows you to back up to friends’ computers and friends to back up to yours. I have an associate in Scotland who backs up to me and I have CrashPlan then sending his files to the cloud.

    I do not have any relationship with CrashPlan or CodeFortyTwo, its publisher, other than as a satisfied user.

  2. James August 3, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    You really saved me some time with this one. Carbonite has features I was not aware they had installed

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