The Power Of Social – A real life example

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So heaps of people are using social media these days. It seems that everybody is on Facebook or Twitter or Google plus.

Today I was amazed at the power of social media. I found a dog walking on the road when I was on my way home from the corner shop.

I thought I better take the dog so it doesn’t get hit by a car or something like that. So I took it home and tried to call the pound to find the owner as it had registration tags so I would be able to contact the owner and get them their dog back.

Turns out that the pound is closed on Sundays….

With that I thought I’d take a photo and put it on Facebook and try my luck. I made the post public which I do not normally do, my posts are usually restricted so only people on my friends list can see them.

“Found this dog in the Morris road area, please share to find the owner of this dog”


The dog that I found

Within an hour the post had been shared fifteen times and had six people tagged in it that may be the owners. Then half an hour later the owner of the dog had been in contact, I had never met the owner of the dog.

That shows the clear power of Facebook when you need to find something out. I think this was spread quickly because of the clear call to action “Share to find the owner“.

This is a very good demonstration of the tools that are available to us now to reach a wide audience. If this was twenty years ago we would have had to wait until Monday and then call the pound and then they would have to try to contact the owner of the dog. Instead this dog was returned to the owner in under two hours.


Jake Gardner

Jake is an IT Consultant/Systems Engineer that works for a business that offers services to SMB clients. He runs his own business that delivers solutions geared towards online marketing and web design.

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  1. Martin Lehner August 2, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Great story Jake! I’m glad you decided to help out and were able to keep the furry guy safe until he was reunited with his owner 🙂 This is certainly the up-side to social media.

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