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Being a teenager in today’s world, I see a lot of kids trying to brag about their skills or somehow figuratively pull someone else down from the role they play in this world. I say this not only because I see this on a day-to-day basis, but I was also one of them. I would like to give two primary examples when I was like this.

Last year was my senior in high school and I had two computer classes (Computer Repair & Cisco Networking). I remember how I used to concentrate on the specifics that my teacher said and trying to see if he was incorrect somewhere. As any kid who is interested in computers, I was up-to-date on any new consumer technology that came out. Thus, I would, sometimes rudely, correct him when he mentioned something wrong. This would sometimes hurt our relationship especially because we usually talk about technology as a whole (ie.. cloud, the state of tech jobs, etc..) since he has way more experience than me.

The second example is Eli. If you are a regular follower of Eli and watch his daily shows, I used to be one of those typical 14-year olds who picked on Eli when he didn’t know all the technical knowledge of all the technology coming out. Mind you, I only criticized him in my mind and I wasn’t one who bashed him in the comments. I started following Eli June/July of last year. Thus, I was like this for a few months.

Eventually, what I came to find out was that whatever I was doing and whatever my goals were, through what I was doing, was not helping anyone. Even if I took stabs at my teacher’s knowledge, he was still our teachers and everyone respected him for the knowledge he had and I was just seen as a jackass or a nerd depending on my classmates. Also, in Eli’s case, I was just wasting my time watching him trying to boost my ego without getting the big idea.

Through these not-so-perfect examples, here is the point I am trying to get across: Focus on the Big Idea. This is mostly directed at teens like myself but can also be applied everywhere. Everyone has drawbacks and no one can be perfect. Different people have different levels of knowledge and ways of conveying the knowledge and all we have to do is focus on the point that the person is trying to get across. As an example, Eli often refers to immature acts as being done by “14-year-olds.” I know that many people, especially teens, might be offended or slightly upset by that. But that doesn’t change the fact that most teens are still immature and we are not experienced in the “real world of technology and business” as most adults are. This is not a bad thing because immaturity is part of childhood. But, you can either wait until you become an adult to change it or you can accept that you are immature and try your best to change it. Although adults might not have the technical knowledge you do, but they have other nuggets of wisdom that can help you become a better person and understand the real world. Again, please don’t take this advice as a person who is trying to boast about himself but just as one of your fellow teens who feels like he has changed in a good way because of just changing the way I think slightly.

Thank you very much for reading.


Jerin Saji

Certified in A+, Net+, and MTA for Networking Fundamentals. Have 500+ hours of Internship experience in IT. Studying for a BS in IT & MS in Software Engineering. Contact:

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  1. Andrew Marriott August 3, 2014 at 8:21 am

    I know someone like this, a kid who thinks he knows everything always trying to interrupt me when I’m dealing with someone, trying to look big but what he does not realise is most of the staff rip him to bits to me when he’s not there or I’m alone with them . And he talks trash about the people in the office higher up putting them down and they have no idea, but im not one of those people that will say anything as im not like that, personally I don’t want to heat it, I’m there as a professional to do a job.

    Well this kid has no IT qualifications or experience, his first job in IT, Its kind of funny watching him trying to deal with people or explain something , I have forgot more than he know, but at the end of the day he’s a kid who needs to start somewhere and learn how to respect people who have years of experience and qualifications far beyond his.

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