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I am a lover of automation. If there’s something I can have done by my machine rather than me, I will jump right on it. Every month since I’ve owned my iphone I have had to reset my data usage statistics by manually poking the screen. It escapes me why apple has not added a monthly data reset feature in their settings, but that is what we have to live with I guess.

As I am forgetful, my first solution was to set up a monthly reminder for this ordeal; but this still left me unsatisfied, because I found that even with the reminder, I would forget. Quite sad. Not only that, if I didn’t “check off” the reminder, it wouldn’t remind me the next month. Twaddle.

I have found a better solution, one that will track your data and report it to you, which is redundant; but it refreshes on the day of your choosing, which is the cream I’ve been shopping for. You can choose to do this by installing the app from your provider (Verizon, etc), but I chose a third party app due to the simplicity of not having to log in with your credentials.

Skip the boring intro:

It is called, My Data Manager. It’s free. It’s available in the apple and google stores.

I have been testing it for a month, and it’s… accurate enough. Below are the results. The left is my data as shown by the phone settings, and the right is the apps. 145 MB vs 152 MB. This is good enough for me. Most importantly, it is conservative, meaning the app will run over the quota before the phone does.


my-data-manager (1)


I will let the image speak for itself in terms of the statistics you get. Speaking of images, here are some more:


my-data-manager (3)

my-data-manager (4)


Well, that’s all. Aside from the fact that the developers did not endorse this post.


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