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Born From The Transistor – The Pager Is Here  

Going Mobile In 1962

Back in 1962, the folks at AT&T debuted a device that would change the way we communicated with folks on the go. Before cell phones – this was the way to do it – with a pager.

Before it was called a pager, it was called a “Bellboy.” And, it was the first true wireless hi-tech device.

To get in touch with that special someone, you called a dedicated phone #, dialed in a code – then, you hung up your phone.  As technology got more sophisticated, you would dial in your phone #  – which the pager would display. Hopefully, you’d get a quick return call. This is where phone booths came in handy.

By 1982 – pagers were everywhere. It seemed like anyone who was on the road, executives – you name it – had one.  Today – does anybody have a pager?

Cell phones killed the original messenger; but, for a time – pagers did the job. They were quite efficient and worked well. You’d be surprised how long the batteries lasted. There was no “off” switch.

Here’s the debut of this device – back in 1962. I love the size of this thing – and the howling siren. It sounds like this guy’s shirt is going to to explode.

It’s hi-tech – 1962 style:


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