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As a beginner to programming it seems that you need to learn everything at once. There is so much out there you want to learn, and you feel you need to learn it all or else you will fall behind. When this happens I think of how having a solid foundation of the basics is very important because without a good foundation you cannot understand the more advanced stuff.

I felt I had to learn Android development as soon as possible, so I can be valuable to potential employers. I learned a great deal of basic Java concepts, but I have not learned the advanced topics yet. It made learning Android development more difficult than I expected. I had to stop and look at why I felt stressed out over my difficulties learning it. I realized I felt pressured to learn Android development because I felt overwhelmed with what I can do in mobile development. I reflected on what skills I already have and realized the value in those skills. I still plan to learn how to build Android applications although I know I need to take time learning Java then learning Android development will be a little easier.

I feel that people new to programming and technology in general feel pressured to learn everything there is out there. I wanted to share my experience because I believe this is not talked about enough. I want beginners to know that they should take their time learning the basics instead of rushing themselves giving them unnecessary stress.


Tyler Deans

Tyler Deans is currently a computer science student at New York Institute of Technology in New York City. She plans to become a Mobile Application Developer. She has knowledge Java and C programming languages. She is learning about Android development. In her free time she can be found programming, reading, in aerobics class, and running. You can connect with her on Google+, Twitter @starving_geek, and LinkedIn.

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