Death to Internet Trolls

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Like Eli was saying in SMTP for relay servers video, he was going to start banning all of these jackasses that are being rude, atrocious and just trolling his YouTube and  I completely agree with Eli,  (quote from eli “I don’t every want to bother him again with the crap that I am posting”)Please don’t take any offence to that Eli I am just quoting what you said and trying to make a point about all of those assclowns on the internet.  But unfortunately with all the internet trolls out there,  a lot of times they have multiple accounts, so when you block them, you may be stopping it for about 2 minutes, 1 days or maybe a week if you are lucky.  Because the trolls most likely have multiple accounts that when you block them, they can just logout and login to another account.   Even though it seem like that you can’t stop them now, you still can.  Just keep on blocking them, they could eventually get tired of you and stop.  If they don’t stop trolling you, then be sure to start reporting their accounts to YouTube of whatever service they are using.  Then their ip could be banned and that could stop them. If they still continue to troll you seek help from law enforcement and let the police know that this asshole is harrasing you.  Anyway,  I hope you guys take my advice.


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