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I must start out by saying that this in not a technical blog, if you are looking for something in the that will give you a deeper insight into Active directory or some other technical knowledge, this might not be for you. This blog is more about a journey in the technology field.

I am 34 years old and I have graduated form college 10 years ago with a bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology, and I’m now in the process of studying for the MCSE. So why am I now studying for my MCSE and why has it taken me so long to do so? Well these are the questions that I will try to answer and also give an insight into how it is to do IT after so long.

I have always been a technical person. At the age of 15, I was replacing the RAM on my computer, this might not seem like a big deal today, but in 1995 there were still a lot of people who have never even use the Internet. I went to a vocational high school and was placed in the electrical engineering program.

In college I did Computer Engineering Technology, and I must tell you folks that are planning to study Computer Engineering, it is not like the A plus or the MCSE certifications. In the entire 4 years, I had one class about computer hardware and one class about networking, I was taking alot of calculus classes and when I went to the engineering classes I was using the calculus that you had learn. So how did I learn about computers, well I did side projects, my first projects was to build a computer that I can use to do school work. Even though I was not studying computers directly, the best part about being in the Computer Engineering field, is that everyone in your class is doing some side project involving computers, so there is alot of knowledge to go around.

After college that’s when I basically went to sleep, I put the books down and did not look back. I did technical jobs, but nothing that require the skills that had learn. A few years later I lost my job, I then took a job as a manager for a clothing store. I did fix computer now and again for friends and family, but it was armature work.

The store that I was working for eventually closed and I was out of work. One day I was speaking to my sister, who is 5 years younger than I and is doing her masters, I told her I was not sure what I wanted to do and that I might just go back to school. I was not really looking forward to going back to school, college is expensive, and I was unemployed and trying to get by on whatever little savings I had. But then she said something that brought back a part of myself that was a sleep for 9 years, she said “maybe you should get back into your field.

So after 9 years of sleeping, I decided to wake up, and after a year of studying I can say it has been a strange come back, well I don’t think im fully back as yet but you get the point. I decided I was going to start form the beginning.

The book that I bought first was the A plus book, I read through it twice.  Somethings were familiar and somethings were new to me. I did find many things that you are require to memorized for the A plus certification are a bit pointless, especially with such eash access to the Internet. So I skip  getting certified in A plus.

I got was the Net plus next and I did get certified. It did give me a better insight into networking, but am not sure if getting certify is worth it. I think I got the certification to prove to myself that I was still able to comprehend all this stuff. I do believe that the A plus and the Net plus certification should be combined into one certification. The knowledge that you get from these two books are very important in the IT field, but it is still basic knowledge in the way that you need to understand algebra to understand calculus.

Security Plus was the next book I studied, but I did not get certified. I highly recommend this book, even if you are to considering getting certified in Security plus. This book gave me a clearer insight in what IT is all about, it is not a technical book, but it shows you how IT is integrated in business. Once again I recommend this book for IT beginners.

Mcse books, that’s right books with an “s”. I am starting to loose count for all the books that I have already purchase for this certification and I still have more to buy. Studying for my mcse certification is where I am now, and I must say it is my Everest. I remember looking at one of Eli’s daily blob a while back and he said that studying for the MCSE is brutal, and he is right. I have taken levels of calculus, I graduated cum laude in a difficult field and sometimes the MCSE makes me want to cry. It is not that it is difficult, its just the amount of information that you need to know, is mind boggling. I am in the middle of reading 3 books, doing labs, and watching online video and hoping for the day that the fog will clear and all of this will fit nicely in my head.

It has been a crazy year, but I do think I have come a far way and I am getting closer to the dream that I once had. Like everything else in the world IT is not for everyone, but when it is “your thing” you will know it. It will drive you nuts, makes you want to break every device that has transistors inside, but you will wake up that next day and go through the whole process again.

This is my experience so far in the IT field and I hope that my skills will continue to grow. I know that some of you will not find this blog informative, but if you are a 34 year old that has been a sleeping for a while and now are thinking about getting back in the field, I say give it a try, you might just find that old excitment that you use to have.So for those of you who actually made it to the end of this blog I want to wish you all the best in your IT journey, and remember IPV6 is closer today than it was yesterday. lol. Thank you for reading.


Ryan Toolsie

Constantly building on my technical knowledge and experience. Education: Bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology, Associates in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering.

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  1. Manny Kokolis July 30, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    What books did buy?

    • ryan July 30, 2014 at 4:23 pm

      My A plus, NET plus and Security plus books are written by mike meyers, I think there are one of Eil’s sponsors. For the MCSE i started with windows server 2012 unleashed, but I form it bit too advance. I then got the MCSA windows server 2012 complete study guide, this is a book covers the first 3 exams. I then got the greens books form microsoft for the individual Exams. I use the MCSA windows server 2012 and the greens books for my studies.

  2. John July 30, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    This is what I fear might happen to me after university – working as a manager in a store. After being out in the real world, I can see that it’s not perfect get-degree get-job.

    • ryan July 30, 2014 at 4:11 pm

      I understand John, but I will take a college degree any time. When I was hired as a manager for that store, there were people 15 years older that I already working there and I was given the position with not much experience. MY degree is in engineering and insurance companies contact me offering management positions. A college degree is important, it does not have to be an expensive college, i went to a cuny university here in ny.

  3. Ali Green July 30, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    Good on ya Ryan, I’m 39 and have gone from job to dead end job since day one. I also have a technical/analytic disposition on stuff – when other kids had Action Man I had Lego that sort of thing. So I managed to get a CCNA R&S earlier this year after some college and A LOT of self study – and 4 attempts (self discipline not having been one of my strong suits up to this point) And now I’m just starting out on an MCSA in Server 2012 R2. Good to hear that I’m not the only non 8 year old starting out in this wonderfully interesting field of technology.

  4. Timothy Badenach(Gandalf_the_not_too_Grey) July 31, 2014 at 3:51 am

    I trump both of you lol :P. I am 44 (hence the not to grey tag)I worked in IT 15 years ago, for a local telco here in Australia (just level one network support) I was a a CCNA Aplus and MCP . I got jack of being a pleb and went and studied Nursing after a brief period trying to work for myself. Fast forward 15 years and my spine isn’t what it used to be and I have fibromyalgia, so nursing is not possible for me anymore. I second what All said in its nice to know that not everyone is in their twenties or younger. There is reams of stuff to know but I have a few study techniques that may be useful……i feel another post coming on!

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