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Previously I had posted my review that the consolidation had stalled for 8 hours at the time of writing. Well another half hour and I received an automated report the backup and consolidation had finished successfully. The report was so big (1824 lines), Gmail had truncated the inbox view (711 lines) and provided a link to view the rest of the message in a new window. Just an interesting aside.

I did discover when I changed the automatic consolidation settings on an existing backup, the backup failed to work properly. This is important to be aware of and probably something developers should look into. The tech support was of limited help. After asking lots of questions, they finally told me to create a new backup job.

I have 2 backup jobs setup. An incremental disk backup every hour (trying to test the automatic consolidation) and a nonstop backup. The hourly incremental has been working fine, still hasn’t hit the space limit I set for automatic consolidation. The nonstop has me concerned, the last version is from July 12th.

I hope we all see the lesson here, It is important to test and verify software is working properly. Especially backup software. If it doesn’t work properly, it’s only a problem when there’s a problem

Hopefully I’ll have time soon to report on the bare-metal restore feature.


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