Zentyal Server has some major potential in the Small Business Sector.

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I recently installed and have been playing with Zentyal Server. For those that aren’t aware Zentyal is a Linux based alternative to Windows Small Business Server which Windows has recently pulled the plug on.

I have installed Windows Small Business Server in several office environment. It was such a great server because it bundled software and made for simple administration once configured. The last version 2011 SBS essentials was in essence Windows Server 2008 R2 with updated component software like DNS and Active directory included.  The price also catered to small business and was roughly a 3rd of the Standard server OS and came with 25 licenses included.

Microsoft itself has admitted to the challenge they have faced catering to the small business market when it came to their servers.

It reminds me of Goldi locks and the three bears… their desktops dominate the office. Their servers play a very vital role in most enterprise atmospheres and are quite expensive. But ever since Server 2000 it seems like Microsoft struggled with their server role for small businesses.

Just like Goldi Locks Windows servers seem too cold or too hot for the average small business. Truthfully, I see most small business servers acting as NAS file servers and Active Directory hosts.

So I recently installed Zentyal Server.  A linux based Server OS that is similar to Windows SBS in nature. It runs nicely so far. It has a simple Gui and a Web interface built in. Upon set up it is very easy to tell the server what services you want installed.

I currently installed it in a small environment and will add posts as to it’s future reliability.

I must say that so far this little server has MAJOR potential for a small business environment.



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