The cloud puts IT function back in the slow lane.

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I love the age technology is in. Finally,  space and speed are pretty much not even a concern when it comes to hardware.

Processors are running at Blazing speeds, RAM is abundant, hard drive space is in the TB’s and SSD Drives are seamless, reliable and FAST!!!!

When you think of the available speed at which a LAN environment can run, well as they say….. fahgettaboudit.

When it comes to todays hardware and 64 bit architecture coupled with a Gigabit LAN environment we have truly reached a Golden Era in Network Design.

… But then something interesting happened…. The CLOUD.

Yes, the benefit of running services in off site environments is a very valuable thing.  It is easier to administer and available everywhere. I think we all understand the immense reach and accessibility that is a cloud service. But the elephant in the room is BANDWIDTH.

Bandwidth is entirely dependent on your ISP and many people are so eager to get services to the cloud that they find themselves in  an extremely fast and productive LAN environment that is now waiting on the slow performance of the cloud.

Geeks that can remember back in the day of 233 mhz processors and 64 MB of ram can remember how much technology waited on the evolution of such hardware to give the speed necessary to do things like Watch and edit a video. (yes there was a time when watching a video seamlessly was the sign of an excellently engineered system.

Now the cloud has many services right back in the same waiting game. Bandwidth is definitely the slowest data transfer in a modern network environment.

So here’s to sitting around an i7 with 16gb of RAM and a 2TB drive and watching it upload to the cloud at a whopping 15MB/s.

With CLOUD being a buzz word you can’t get away from these days it is important to look at all pro’s and cons.




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