Microsofts System Image Backup Good for Home Users

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Like I said in my post about File History abut it being 1 of the 2 good Microsoft backup solutions, this is the other backup solution that I love.  System image came out with windows 7 as part or their backup software.  The System Image backup was much better than the monstrous piece of crap that was also in the Windows 7 backup software.  System Image is currently in Windows 8 and 8.1 alongside file history.

System Image basically creates an image of everything on your hard drive.  I personally did not do this as my regular backup routine because i did not what to back all that data up.  Basically, once you have a system image and you hard drive fails, you can grab your windows installation disk, boot off the disk and “click repair my computer”  or you can use a windows recovery disk that you made in windows.  Once you get the recovery options, you will see that you will be able to restore from a system image backup, this is great because by doing this you can have your system back up and running the way it was at the last backup.

I did use System Image one time, I will cover as to why I used System Image in another post.

I hoped this helped you guys.


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