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In light of Facebook’s mood changing experiments there has been backlash against Facebook, but none of us are really expecting change. It would be crazy to think that Facebook would ever change due to a few people speaking out against it when there are 1,000,000,000+ users.

There are those who scream about how Facebook infringes on your privacy by exposing to the world everything you post, but then go on to post pictures, updates, and information about themselves. People do not understand what Facebook really is. It is a tool. Tools can be used and abused to benefit yourself and others, or to destroy and spy on you. Facebook has the potential to become a powerful tool on your belt.

Suppose you were going to apply for a job. We know that some employers check the Facebook pages of applicants. At first we want to scream “Thats a violation of my privacy!” But if you step back and think for a moment, you can understand the real meaning of that. Here we have a platform to reach out to our future employer. Find out who your boss might be, view his wall and find out about his interests. If he is a Buffalo Bills fan, post something good about the Bills! Here you are, sitting in front of a computer screen, with a stage and an audience to shove crap down their throats! The boss knows that people are gullible and stupid enough to post inappropriate things on their wall, but the boss himself might just be stupid and gullible enough to believe what he sees.

Facebook goes from a site that infringes on your privacy to a tool where you can groom yourself to whatever someone else wants to believe you are. It is important to keep this mindset. Facebook can be a site like Spiceworks where you can show off your accomplishments and projects in the IT world , but putting it on Facebook will enable it to be seen by more people. (But still use Spiceworks too!) Use Facebook, but don’t let it use you.


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