Could MaidSafe be a game changer?

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Going through my twitter posts earlier this evening I came upon this article.

Essentially it tells the tale of MaidSafe a start up that began in the small town of Troon in Scotland in 2006. And what do they want to do? Oh just a little thing like changing the structure of the Internet!

MaidSafe co-founder, Nick Lamburt,  bemoans and derides the current state of the Internet as non-sustainable and insecure. Stating that power resides in the hands of a few mega-corps, (Google, Facebook etc )that control how, when, and why we do things. I cant disagree with him there. What’s his solution? A complete restructuring of the Internet’s infrastructure, and for the last eight years his company has been developing the software to do just that, one PC at a time.

Lambert describes MaidSafe as “a fully cross-platform, fully decentralized autonomous data and communications network” which essentially means that in the Internet world of Nick Lambert, servers are history. All communication is done through peer-peer connections between PCs that share their disk space and processing power through an encrypted proprietary RUDP protocol. This creates a large, distributed data-farm, without the data-farm. To help convince people to give away a portion of their hard drive space, MaidSafe has added an  incentive in the form of a cryptocurrency, called SafeCoin, which is currently worth 2 cents US, a coin. To top it all of, the software is open source and the API has just been released.

Whether it succeeds in its quest of changing the internet or its just a passing fad that never takes off, it is certainly an interesting way of re-conceptualising a paradigm that we have all taken for granted for the last 30 odd years. The client/server model.

My personal opinion is I can see both good and bad things happening with this. However, I for one would welcome a change to the monopoly held by Google and its ilk. Can MaidSafe do it, well, time will tell.



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  1. Ei the Computer Guy July 29, 2014 at 9:35 am

    Looks interesting. I was just watching the video on their site…

    Sadly I think they’re overselling it… At the point they start saying it will “save lives” I started to roll my eyes…

  2. Timothy Badenach July 31, 2014 at 3:04 am

    I totally agree. The melodrama is laid on a bit thick! However eight years in development it is either going to be very good or not so good, either way it is going to be something that I am going to watch. If it takes of it will be interesting to see if they remain a “power to the people” company or if they become another in the same ilk as Google and their “dont be evil” slogan

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