How do you secure your email or Online accounts while using public WiFi?

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With online identity theft aggressively growing in numbers, now is the time to take control of your online presence. The simple concept listed below is a free, quick and proven method. Go ahead and take the first step in protecting your identity and reputation.

There is a technique called Two-Factor authentication where two physical devices verify your identity. This is a technique where you configure your account to send your cell phone a text message with a random code when a foreign computer attempts to access your account. Chances are the attacker will not have access to your cell phone when trying to hack your account, so this method is very secure.

This trick is inline with my Frugality mission because identity theft can cost you money and I am all about using technology to save you money. Have a blessed day!

To learn more simply click on the links below.
Facebook two factor authentication

Google two factor authentication


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