File History is a great “Additional” piece of backup software

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Windows File History is Microsoft’s backup solution in Windows 8 and 8.1.  There are 2 good backup solutions from Microsoft and I feel this is one of them.

File History is an incremental piece of backup software that stores multiple versions of one file.  When you have this enabled, you can click on the little history icon in the File Explorer Ribbon and as long at you haven’t excluded that folder, then you will be able to see to multiple versions of that file throughout its history.

The reason that I said that is an “additional” piece of backup software is because you would not want to use this as you main piece of backup software.  Some of the files are in read and write format, some are stored in xml and some are stored as DAT files.  If you computer fails or if you want to migrate over to mac or Linux, don’t use this.

But if you already have backup software installed and you want to make your life a little easier by having previous versions of the files always available, take a look at File History.


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