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    Computer geeks have a talent for learning new technologies with no instructions. Introduce a geek to a new operating system and within thirty minutes, they will have learned and figured out everything there is to know about it without any instructions. Whenever Eli The Computer Guy does an unboxing he takes the instructions and throws them to the floor to, most likely, be thrown away after the unboxing is done; only to be used in emergencies or if the technology is still before the pre-alpha stage (Or not geek-friendly. I am talking to you, Windows Vista/8/8.1). As my mobile operating system of choice, I use Android a lot. I have barely even touched an iPhone before, let alone actually used one. If I were given an iPhone and no source to find out how to use it (mostly the internet) except for what I already knew, I figure that within an hour I would know every last detail of iOS and how it operates. Geeks employ a strategy of just pressing buttons until it turns on and logically deducing that is the on button, but applying this to every aspect of the device. Instructions! Who needs instructions? No true geek uses instructions (there are exceptions where it is ok to use instructions; actually sometimes, it is somewhat necessary, like Linux server). Most instructions are not written for geeks. Some instructions tell you where the on button is and other information like that it is not recommended to submerge your laptop in water for extended periods of time. The geek way is to learn how to use a device as you use it.


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  1. Bobby Arneth July 27, 2014 at 4:14 am

    Amusing article I think many of us can agree with. I do find it amazing though that in Eli’s last unboxing of the HP Chromebox he came to find that it only takes proprietary keyboards.. Just an asinine instance of why a geek has to read the instructions so shame on HP.

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